GCSE Latin: Verbs with the Dative

Verbs with the Dative

The following Latin verbs take a dative noun as an object where English more naturally uses an accusative:


impero I order, command
faveo I support, favour
credo I trust, believe
resisto I resist
appropinquo I approach
persuadeo I persuade


With each of these verbs, the idea of giving/receiving associated with the dative case is lost in translation, but it can still be understood, e.g. resisto = I give resistance to someone or something.

  1. credisne Romanis?
  2. princeps liberto imperavit ut ex urbe discederet.
  3. milites nautis favent, sed non militibus nautae.
  4. feminae portis urbis nocte appropinquaverunt.
  5. paucos dies hostibus resistere poteramus.
  6. persuadere eis qui illum librum non legerunt facile est.