GCSE Latin: Indicative Active Present

Present Tense

The present tense of a Latin verb can be translated into English by either the present simple or the present continuous:

e.g. sedeo can be translated as “I sit” (present simple) or “I am sitting” (present continuous).

Present Tense (Indicative Active)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
singular 1st port-o mon-eo reg-o aud-io cap-io
2nd port-as mon-es reg-is aud-is cap-is
3rd port-at mon-et reg-it aud-it cap-it
plural 1st port-amus mon-emus reg-imus aud-imus cap-imus
2nd port-atis mon-etis reg-itis aud-itis cap-itis
3rd port-ant mon-ent reg-unt aud-iunt cap-iunt