GCSE Latin: Superlative Adjectives

Superlative Adjectives

There are up to three ways to translate a superlative adjective from Latin into English, for example:

laetissimus happiest
most happy
very happy

Often “very…” is the preferred translation, e.g.

postquam villam vendidi, laetissimus eram.
After I sold the house, I was very happy.

For the other translations there needs to be a point of reference, e.g.

miles in illo proelio fortissimus erat.
He was the bravest soldier in that battle.

The superlative adjective declines in the 2-1-2 pattern.

Both types of adjective (2-1-2 and 3rd Declension) form their superlatives in the same way (stem + –issimus).

The adjectives which end in –er (i.e. celer, miser, pulcher and sacer) form their superlatives by doubling the final r, e.g. celerrimus (very quick).

facilis and difficilis form their superlatives by doubling the final l, e.g. facillimus.


laetissimus happiest, very happy
m. f. n.
singular nom. laetissim-us laetissim-a laetissim-um
acc. laetissim-um laetissim-am laetissim-um
gen. laetissim-i laetissim-ae laetissim-i
dat. laetissim-o laetissim-ae laetissim-o
abl. laetissim-o laetissim-a laetissim-o
plural nom. laetissim-i laetissim-ae laetissim-a
acc. laetissim-os laetissim-as laetissim-a
gen. laetissim-orum laetissim-arum laetissim-orum
dat. laetissim-is laetissim-is laetissim-is
abl. laetissim-is laetissim-is laetissim-is


fortissimus bravest, very brave
m. f. n.
singular nom. fortissim-us fortissim-a fortissim-um
acc. fortissim-um fortissim-am fortissim-um
gen. fortissim-i fortissim-ae fortissim-i
dat. fortissim-o fortissim-ae fortissim-o
abl. fortissim-o fortissim-a fortissim-o
plural nom. fortissim-i fortissim-ae fortissim-a
acc. fortissim-os fortissim-as fortissim-a
gen. fortissim-orum fortissim-arum fortissim-orum
dat. fortissim-is fortissim-is fortissim-is
abl. fortissim-is fortissim-is fortissim-is


celerrimus quickest, very quick
m. f. n.
singular nom. celerrim-us celerrim-a celerrim-um
acc. celerrim-um celerrim-am celerrim-um
gen. celerrim-i celerrim-ae celerrim-i
dat. celerrim-o celerrim-ae celerrim-o
abl. celerrim-o celerrim-a celerrim-o
plural nom. celerrim-i celerrim-ae celerrim-a
acc. celerrim-os celerrim-as celerrim-a
gen. celerrim-orum celerrim-arum celerrim-orum
dat. celerrim-is celerrim-is celerrim-is
abl. celerrim-is celerrim-is celerrim-is


facillimus easiest, very easy
m. f. n.
singular nom. facillim-us facillim-a facillim-um
acc. facillim-um facillim-am facillim-um
gen. facillim-i facillim-ae facillim-i
dat. facillim-o facillim-ae facillim-o
abl. facillim-o facillim-a facillim-o
plural nom. facillim-i facillim-ae facillim-a
acc. facillim-os facillim-as facillim-a
gen. facillim-orum facillim-arum facillim-orum
dat. facillim-is facillim-is facillim-is
abl. facillim-is facillim-is facillim-is