GCSE Latin – Result Clauses

Result Clauses

A result clause expresses the consequence or result of the main clause.

The boy was so good that everyone praised him.

In Latin this sentence would be:

tam bonus puer erat ut omnes eum laudarent.

A result clause is introduced by ut and the verb is in the imperfect subjunctive.

A result clause is preceded by one of the following signpost words:


tam so
tantus, -a, -um so big, great
tot so many
talis, -e such, of such a kind
adeo so much, to such an extent
ita in such a way


A negative result uses ut + non/nemo/nullus/etc.

tam stultus puer erat ut nemo eum laudaret.

The boy was so stupid that no one praised him.

Ex. A

Put the correct signpost word to set up the result clause.

Ex. B

Ex. C