GCSE Latin: 4th Declension Nouns

4th Declension


manus, “hand, group of people” (f.)
singular plural
nom. manus manus
acc. manum manus
gen. manus manuum
dat. manui manibus
abl. manu manibus


domus, “home” (f.)
singular plural
nom. domus domus
acc. domum domus (or domos)
gen. domus domuum (or domorum)
dat. domui (or domo) domibus
abl. domo domibus
  • 4th Declension nouns end in –us for both nominative and genitive singular forms.

  • The declension may look odd, but it is essentially the same as the 3rd Declension, with a dominant u in the stem which consumes most adjacent vowels put next to it (e.g. nominative plural = manu + es = manus).

  • There are only three 4th Declension nouns to learn at GCSE level.

  • domus (home) can have the alternative forms domo (dat. sing.), domos (acc. pl.), and domorum (gen. pl.). It also has a locative form domi (at home).

4th Declension Nouns for GCSE

domus (f.) home
exercitus (m.) army
manus (f.) hand, band of people