GCSE Latin: Fearing Clauses

Formula: timeo + ne + imperfect subjunctive
Example: liberi timebant ne mater irata esset.
The children were afraid that their mother was angry.

The subjunctive can be translated with “would”, “might”, or “was”/”were”. Choose the best one in context.

A negative fear uses ne + non/nemo/nullus/etc.

e.g. pater timebat ne numquam redirem.

My father was afraid that I would never return.

timeo can also take an infinitive:

e.g. nos in villam intrare timebamus.

We were afraid to enter the house.

Or a noun:

e.g. canes timeo.

I am afraid of dogs.

Practice exercises

  1. timesne alta?

    Are you afraid of heights?

  2. timeo trans flumen transire.

    I am afraid to cross the river.

  3. Romani timebant ne hostes se necarent.

    The Romans were afraid that the enemy would kill them.

  4. mercatores timuerunt ne nihil puellae emerent.

    The merchants were afraid that the girls would not buy anything.

  5. nauta timebat ne numquam mare videret.

    The sailor was afraid that he would never see the sea.

  6. maritus eius timuit ne scelera cognosceret.

    Her husband was afraid that she would discover his crimes.

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