Past Papers: A Level Latin

Past Papers: A Level Latin

Unseen Translation (H443/01)

H443/01 consists of a prose passage (Livy) for translation and a verse passage (Ovid) for translation, and a short scansion task.

Prose composition or comprehension (H443/02)

H443/02 consists of a passage of English for translation into Latin, or a passage of Latin prose with comprehension questions.

YearComprehensionProse Composition
2019Pliny praises Trajan
(Pliny, Panegyricus 11–12)
Tiberius abuses a fisherman
2018Nero faces a revolt
(Suetonius, Nero 47)
Alexander trusts a doctor
SpecimenPliny visits the tomb of Rufus
(Pliny, Letters VI.10)
Tyrtaeus inspires the Spartans

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