GCSE Latin: Indicative Passive Future

Future Tense (Passive)

Like the future active, the future passive of a Latin verb is translated with the auxillary verb “will,” e.g. she will be carried.

The future passive uses the standard passive endings (-r, -ris, -tur, -mur, -mini, -ntur).

As with the future active, knowledge of conjugations is important for the future passive tense. The 1st/2nd conjugations form their endings quite differently to the 3rd/4th/5th conjugations.

Future Tense (Indicative Passive)
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
singular 1st port-abor mon-ebor reg-ar aud-iar cap-iar
2nd port-aberis mon-eberis reg-eris aud-ieris cap-ieris
3rd port-abitur mon-ebitur reg-etur aud-ietur cap-ietur
plural 1st port-abimur mon-ebimur reg-emur aud-iemur cap-iemur
2nd port-abimini mon-ebimini reg-emini aud-iemini cap-iemini
3rd port-abuntur mon-ebuntur reg-entur aud-ientur cap-ientur