Originally one of a pair erected in Sais, Egypt, by Apries (Pharoah 589–570 BC), this obelisk was brought to Rome by Diocletian for the nearby Temple of Isis.

It is now located outside Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

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Saturday 2nd October, 12noon-2pm
Introduction to the Seleucid Empire

We are thrilled to offer a FREE 2hr session for anyone interested in finding out about the Seleucid Empire! As with all our sessions, no experience necessary!

The Pomodoro Technique is a great tool for beating procrastination. Devised by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, it is named after the once ubiquitous tomato-shaped kitchen timers.

With modern distractions, this work/study method has only grown more effective.


The Weeping Rock on Mount Sipylus, Manisa, Turkey, has long been associated with Niobe, who mourns her 14 dead children. They were destroyed by Apollo and Artemis after Niobe insulted their mother, Leto.

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