GCSE Latin: Purpose Clauses

Purpose Clauses

A purpose clause explains the goal or intention of an action.

Londinium ivi ut reginam viderem.

I went to London to see the Queen.

A purpose clause is introduced by ut and the verb is in the imperfect subjunctive.

There are other ways to translate a purpose clause:

I went to London in order to see the Queen.

I went to London so that I might/would see the Queen.

A negative purpose clause is introduced by ne.

pugnabamus ne vinceremur.

We fought so that we were not defeated.

A purpose clause can also be formed using ad with the gerundive.

Ex. A

Choose whether the purpose clause should start with ut or ne.

Ex. B

Fill in the missing letters to complete the translation.

Ex. C

Translate purpose clauses from English into Latin.