GCSE Latin: 1st Declension Nouns

1st Declension

puella, “girl” (f.)
singular plural
nom. puella puellae
acc. puellam puellas
gen. puellae puellarum
dat. puellae puellis
abl. puella puellis
  • 1st Declension nouns end in –a in the nominative singular.

  • They are all feminine words at GCSE, except for nauta (m.), “sailor.”

  • There is wide scope for confusion with the –ae ending. Use the rest of the sentence to iron out ambiguity.

  • The ablative singular terminates in a long a (e.g. puellā).

GCSE vocab


Practise with the 1st Declension Nouns which are on the OCR GCSE (DVL) word list.


There are 30 1st Declension nouns to learn for the OCR GCSE Latin Language paper (J282/01):

ancilla slave-girl, slave-woman
aqua water
cena dinner, meal
copiae forces, troops
cura care, worry
dea goddess
domina mistress
epistula letter
femina woman
filia daughter
hora hour
ianua door
insula island, block of flats
ira anger
nauta sailor
patria country, homeland
pecunia money
poena punishment
porta gate
puella girl
regina queen
Roma Rome
silva wood
taberna shop, inn
terra ground, land, country
turba crowd
via street, road, way
victoria victory
villa house, country villa
vita life