GCSE Latin: Gerundive + ad

Gerundive + ad

Formula: ad + accusative noun + gerundive
Example: exercitus e castris exiit ad hostes oppugnandos.
The army went out of the camp in order to attack the enemy.

The gerundive is formed in the following way:

1st Conjugation: porta-ndus
2nd Conjugation: doce-ndus
3rd Conjugation: rege-ndus
4th Conjugation: audie-ndus
mixed Conjugation: capie-ndus

This construction is just like a purpose clause with ut.

The gerundive is always in the accusative case in this construction, and declines like bonus.

It agrees with the accusative noun in case, number and gender.

The –nd– combination of letters is the key to spotting a gerundive.

Practice exercises

  1. Londinium ii ad reginam videndam.

    I went to London to see the queen.

  2. hostes regressi sunt ad se servandos.

    The enemy went back to save themselves.

  3. magister domum rediit ad optimum librum legendum.

    The master returned to his house in order to read an excellent book.

  4. imperator tres legiones habet ad urbem brevi tempore capiendam.

    The general has three legions in order to take the city in a short time.

  5. tibi pecuniam dedi ad canem emendum.

    I gave you money to buy a dog.

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