Annals I: 22

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Flagrantior inde vis, plures seditioni duces. et Vibulenus quidam gregarius miles, ante tribunal Blaesi adlevatus circumstantium umeris, apud turbatos et quid pararet intentos ‘vos quidem’ inquit ‘his innocentibus et miserrimis lucem et spiritum reddidistis: sed quis fratri meo vitam, quis fratrem mihi reddit? quem missum ad vos a Germanico exercitu de communibus commodis nocte proxima iugulavit per gladiatores suos, quos in exitium militum habet atque armat. responde, Blaese, ubi cadaver abieceris: ne hostes quidem sepultura invident. cum osculis, cum lacrimis dolorem meum implevero, me quoque trucidari iube, dum interfectos nullum ob scelus sed quia utilitati legionum consulebamus hi sepeliant.’



Then the violence was more passionate, there were more leaders for the mutiny. And a certain Vibulenus, an ordinary soldier, having been lifted up in front of Blaesus’ tribunal on the shoulders of those standing around him, said to the men, who were unsettled and intent on what he was contriving; ‘Indeed, you have restored light and breath to these innocent and most wretched men: but who is restoring life to my brother, or my brother to me? Sent to you from the German army concerning our mutual benefits, Blaesus slayed him last night through his own gladiators, whom he keeps and arms for the destruction of soldiers. Answer, Blaesus: where have you thrown away his corpse? Not even the enemy refuses burials. When with kisses, when with tears I have satisfied my grief, order me too to be butchered, provided that these men may bury us who have been killed on account of no crime, but because we were taking care of the welfare of the legions.