Year 9 English to Latin: Practice Sentences

1/ The lions killed the sailors. (3)

2/ The mistress is not able to run. (3)

3/ We do not want to carry dinner for the friend. (4)

4/ The evil kings want to kill the mother of the girl. (5)

5/ The gods were able to look at the crowd. (5)

6/ The fathers praised the girls. (3)

7/ The horse is not able to hurry. (3)

8/ They do not want to give wine to the friends. (4)

9/ Great cities want mothers and fathers. (5)

10/ The slaves were able to watch the lions. (5)



1/ leones nautas necaverunt.

2/ domina currere non potest.

3/ cenam amico portare nolumus.

4/ mali reges matrem puellae necare volunt.

5/ dei turbam spectare poterant.

6/ patres puellas laudaverunt.

7/ equus festinare non potest.

8/ vinum amicis dare non volunt.

9/ magnae urbes matres patresque volunt.

10/ servi leones spectare poterant.