Latin Prose Composition – Colebourn


Chapter 1

Direct QuestionsExercise 1AExercise 1B

There are two kinds of questions.
Some begin with an interrogative word, such as who, where, why. This word (in Latin as in English) is put first.
The chief interrogative words are:

quis who
quid what
qui, quae, quod what (adj.)
uter which of the two
qualis of what sort
quotiens how often
quando when
cur why
quo where to
ubi where
quantus how big
quot (indecl.) how many
unde where from
quomodo how (in what way)

Questions of this type may be called qu- questions.

1. Where are you?
2. Where are you going?
3. Are you accusing me?
4. Has your friend come?
5. Are you really accusing me?
6. Your friend has come quickly, hasn’t he?
7. You aren’t angry, are you, mother?
8. Have you learnt these words?
9. Why have you not learnt all the words?
10. How many words do you already know?
11. Where was the money found?
12.. Where have the others fled to?
13. Surely the ambassadors have not departed?
14. How many times have you lost the book?
15. Which of the two consulsĀ¹ has died?
16. What sort of books have you bought?
17. Do you not consider our city beautiful?
18. Was it your father whom I saw today?
19. They aren’t sending me away, are they?
20. When did you receive this letter?

1. Ubi es?
2. Quo is?
3. Mene accusas? (Accusasne me?)
4. Venitne amicus tuus?
5. Num me accusas?
6. Nonne celeriter venit amicus tuus?
7. Num irata es, mater?
8. Tune haec verba didicisti?
9. Cur non omnia verba didicisti?
10. Quot verba iam scis?
11. Ubi pecunia inventa est?
12. Quo reliqui (ceteri) fugerunt?
13. Num discesserunt legati?
14. Quotiens librum amisisti?*
15. Uter consul mortuus est?
16. Quales libros emisti?
17. Nonne urbem nostram pulchram existimas?
18. Patremne tuum (vestrum) hodie vidi? (Tuumne patrem hodie vidi?)
19. Num me dimittunt?
20. Quando hanc epistolam (has litteras) accepisti?