Iphigenia in Aulis: Section 8 translation

This was my reply as I clung to your
beard, which now I take hold of with my hand:
How shall I see you? Will I receive you as an old man
with the dear hospitality of my home, father,
repaying to you the nursing nurturing of your labours?
I have recollection of these words,
but you have forgotten, and you want to kill me.
Do not, I beg you, by Pelops and by Atreus
and my mother here, who, having once bore me in agony
now feels this second agony.
Why does the marriage of Alexander and Helen concern
me? From where did he come for my ruin, father?
Look at me, give your face and a kiss,
so that at least as I die I have a memory
of you, if you will not be persuaded by my words.