Iphigenia in Aulis: Section 5 translation

Ag: Yes, and now indeed something prevents me from sending off the army.
Iph: Where do they say that the Phrygians live, father?
Ag: Where I wish that Paris, the son of Priam, had never lived.
Iph: You are leaving me and sailing a long way away, father.   175
Ag: You will come to the same place as your father again, daughter.
Iph: Alas!
I wish it were possible for you and me that you take me as a fellow-voyager.
Ag: Indeed there is still a voyage for you, where you will remember your father.
Iph: Will I sail with mother or journey alone?
Ag: Alone, separated from your father and mother.   180
Iph: Can it be that you are settling me in another household, father?
Ag: Let it be: it is not necessary for maidens to know such things.
Iph: Hasten back from the Phygians to me, father, having arranged matters there well.
Ag: First it is necessary for me to make a sacrifice here.
Iph: Well you must observe piety with holy rites.   185
Ag: You will know; for you will stand near the holy water.
Iph: Will I then lead the dance around the altar, father?