Iphigenia in Aulis: Section 4 translation

Iph: O father, gladly I look upon you after a long time.   155
Ag: Yes, and your father gladly looks upon you too; what you say applies equally to us both.
Iph: Greetings; you did well bringing me to you.
Ag: I do not know how I am to say this or not, child.
Iph: Alas! How you troubled you look, even though you are glad to see me.
Ag: Many things are a concern to a man who is a king and a general.   160
Iph: Be with me now, do not turn to worries.
Ag: But I am wholly with you now and not elsewhere.
Iph: Well then, relax your frown and smooth your face lovingly.
Ag: See! I rejoice as I do rejoice at seeing you, child.
Iph: And even then you shed tears from your eyes?   165
Ag: Yes, for our approaching absence is long.
Iph: Stay, father, at home with your children.
Ag: I wish, but I grieve at not having what I wish for.
Iph: May the spears and the troubles of Menelaus perish!
Ag: Those which have already destroyed me will ruin others.   170
Iph: What a long time you have been in the bays of Aulis.