Iphigenia in Aulis: Section 3 translation

And they chose me to be general over everyone, for the sake
of Menelaus, since of course I am his brother. If only
some other man had taken this honour instead of me.
But when the army had gathered and come together
we were sitting at Aulis experiencing weather unfit for sailing.
And Calchas the prophet foretold to us, as we experienced
perplexity, to sacrifice Iphigenia, whom I fathered,
to Artemis, who dwells in this land,
and that there would be a voyage and destruction of the Phrygians.
When I heard this I told Talthybius to send away the whole
army with a shrill announcement,
as I would never dare to kill my own daughter.
Whereupon my brother, employing every argument,
persuaded me to venture terrible things. And having written on
the folds of a tablet I sent a message to my wife,
to send our daughter to marry Achilles,
both admiring greatly the man’s high rank
and saying that he was not willing to sail with the Achaeans,
unless a bride from my family went to Phthia;
for I upheld this means of persuasion towards my wife.