Messalina: Section 2 translation

Now Messalina, on account of the ease of her adulteries, turned to new desires. Silius, either due to a fatal madness or thinking that dangers themselves were a remedy for imminent dangers, urged that the concealment was broken off: in fact they should not have to wait until the emperor grows old; he was unmarried, childless, and ready for marriage and to adopt Britannicus. The same power would remain for Messalina, with added security, if they anticipated Claudius, who was unsuspicious of treachery but quick to anger. Messalina, not through love for her husband, but fearing that Silius would reject her once he had acquired the highest power, hesitated for a long time; but at last she was persuaded. For she craved the name of marriage on account of the magnitude of the disgrace. Having delayed no longer than until Claudius was setting out to Ostia for the sake of a sacrifice, she celebrated all the solemn rites of marriage.