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Why are you asking people to register?

This site is now requesting users log-on to keep the site more secure, and to prevent redundant pages appearing in web searches. User accounts will also allow for more functionality with some plug-ins (such as recording test scores).

Why are you asking for my school/work email address?

Without a valid email address, registration would be crippled by spam.

A school/college email is required because there are safety issues with collecting private email addresses, especially of children and young people.

Why are you asking if I'm a student/teacher?

The teacher/student question is included with a view to creating some resources for teachers (mark schemes, translations, etc) for whom it would be less helpful if students also had access.

What about anonymity/privacy?

Users are invisible to each other. Email addresses are not published or shared. Accounts can be deleted at any time by users. Accounts will be deleted automatically after 12 months of inactivity. The information provided will never be shared with or used by any other parties.

Anything else I should know?

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