OCR Vocabulary Lists

GCSE Latin (9-1)

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a, ab preposition(+ ablative) (also a prefix)from, away from, by(+ ablative)Eng-Lat sentences only
absumverbabesse, afuiam absent, am away, am distant fromirregular
ac, atque conjunctionand
accidoverbaccidere, accidihappen3rd conjugation
accipioverbaccipere, accepi, acceptusaccept, take in, receive5th/mixed conjugation
adpreposition(+ accusative) (also a prefix)to, towards, at(+ accusative)Eng-Lat sentences only
adeoadverbso much, so greatly
adsumverbadesse, adfuibe here, be presentirregular
advenioverbadvenire, adveniarrive4th conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
aedificoverbaedificare, aedificavi, aedificatusbuild1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
agernounagrifield2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
agoverbagere, egi, actusdo, act, drive3rd conjugation
alii ... aliipronounsome ... others
aliusadjectivealia, aliudother, another, elseother
alteradjectivealtera, alterumthe other, another, the second of twoother
altusadjectivealta, altumhigh, deep2-1-2 pattern
ambuloverbambulare, ambulaviwalk1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
amicusnounamicifriend2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
amoverbamare, amavi, amatuslove, like1st conjugation
amornounamoris, m.love3rd declension m./f.
ancillanounancillae, f.slave-girl, slave-woman1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
animusnounanimispirit, soul, mind2nd declension masculine
annusnounanniyear2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
appropinquoverbappropinquare, appropinquavi (+ dative)approach, come near to1st conjugation
aquanounaquae, f.water1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
armanounarmorum (plural only)arms, weapons2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
arsnounartis, f.art, skill3rd declension m./f.
ascendoverbascendere, ascendi, ascensusclimb3rd conjugation
audaxadjectiveaudacisbold, daring3rd declension pattern
audeoverbaudere, ausus sumdare2nd conjugation
audioverbaudire, audivi, auditushear, listen to4th conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
auferoverbauferre, abstuli, ablatustake away, carry off, stealirregular
auxiliumnounauxiliihelp2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
bellumnounbelliwar2nd declension neuter
beneadverbwellEng-Lat sentences only
biboverbbibere, bibidrink3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
bonusadjectivebona, bonumgood2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
brevisadjectivebreveshort, brief3rd declension pattern
cadoverbcadere, cecidi, casusfall3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
caelumnouncaelisky, heaven2nd declension neuter
capioverbcapere, cepi, captustake, catch, capture5th/mixed conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
captivusnouncaptivicaptive, prisoner2nd declension masculine
caputnouncapitishead3rd declension neuter
castranouncastrorum (plural only)camp2nd declension neuter
celeradjectiveceleris, celerequick, fast3rd declension pattern
celoverbcelare, celavi, celatushide1st conjugation
cenanouncenae, f.dinner, meal1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
ceteriadjectiveceterae, ceterathe rest, the others2-1-2 pattern
cibusnouncibifood2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
circumpreposition(+ accusative)around(+ accusative)
civisnouncivis, m. or f.citizen3rd declension m./f.
clamoverbclamare, clamavi, clamatusshout1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
clamornounclamoris, m.shout, shouting, noise3rd declension m./f.
clarusadjectiveclara, clarumfamous, clear2-1-2 pattern
cogitoverbcogitare, cogitavi, cogitatusthink, consider1st conjugation
cognoscoverbcognoscere, cognovi, cognitusget to know, find out3rd conjugation
cogoverbcogere, coegi, coactusforce, compel3rd conjugation
comesnouncomitis, m. or f.comrade, companion3rd declension m./f.
conficioverbconficere, confeci, confectusfinish, wear out5th/mixed conjugation
conorverbconari, conatus sum (1)trydeponent
consiliumnounconsiliiplan, idea, advice2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
conspicioverbconspicere, conspexi, conspectuscatch sight of, notice5th/mixed conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
constituoverbconstituere, constitui, constitutusdecide3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
consulnounconsulis, m.consul3rd declension m./f.
consumoverbconsumere, consumpsi, consumptuseat3rd conjugation
contrapreposition(+ accusative)against(+ accusative)Eng-Lat sentences only
convenioverbconvenire, convenicome together, gather, meet4th conjugation
copiaenouncopiarum, f. (plural only)forces, troops1st declension
corpusnouncorporisbody3rd declension neuter
credoverbcredere, credidi, creditus (+ dative)believe, trust3rd conjugation
crudelisadjectivecrudelecruel3rd declension pattern
cumconjunctionwhen, since
cumpreposition(+ ablative)with(+ ablative)Eng-Lat sentences only
cupioverbcupere, cupivi, cupituswant, desire5th/mixed conjugation
cur?interrogativewhy?Eng-Lat sentences only
curanouncurae, f.care, worry1st declension
curroverbcurrere, cucurri, cursusrun3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
custodioverbcustodire, custodivi, custoditusguard4th conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
custosnouncustodis, m. or f.guard3rd declension m./f.
depreposition(+ ablative)from, down from, about(+ ablative)
deanoundeae, f.goddess1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
debeoverbdebere, debui, debitusowe, ought, should, must2nd conjugation
defendoverbdefendere, defendi, defensusdefend3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
deleoverbdelere, delevi, deletusdestroy2nd conjugation
descendoverbdescendere, descendi, descensusgo down, come down3rd conjugation
deusnoundeigod2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
dicoverbdicere, dixi, dictussay3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
diesnoundiei, m.day5th declension
difficilisadjectivedifficiledifficult3rd declension pattern
diligensadjectivediligentiscareful3rd declension pattern
dirusadjectivedira, dirumdreadful2-1-2 pattern
discedoverbdiscedere, discessidepart, leave3rd conjugation
diuadverbfor a long timeEng-Lat sentences only
doverbdare, dedi, datusgive1st conjugation
do poenasverbpoenas dare, dediam punished, pay the penalty1st conjugation
doceoverbdocere, docui, doctusteach2nd conjugation
dominanoundominae, f.mistress1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
dominusnoundominimaster2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
domusnoundomus, f. (domi = at home)home4th declension
donumnoundonigift, present2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
dormioverbdormire, dormivisleep4th conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
ducoverbducere, duxi, ductuslead, take3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
dumconjunctionwhile, until
duonumberduae, duotwo
duxnounducis, m.leader3rd declension m./f.
e, ex preposition(+ ablative) (also used as a prefix)from, out of, out(+ ablative)Eng-Lat sentences only
effugioverbeffugere, effugiescape5th/mixed conjugation
egopronounmeiI, me
egrediorverbegredi, egressus sum (3)go outdeponent
emoverbemere, emi, emptusbuy3rd conjugation
eoverbire, i(v)igoirregular
epistulanounepistulae, f.letter1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
equusnounequihorse2nd declension masculine
etconjunctionandEng-Lat sentences only
et ... etconjunctionboth ... and
etiamadverbalso, even
exercitusnounexercitus, m.army4th declension
exspectoverbexspectare, exspectavi, exspectatuswait for1st conjugation
facilisadjectivefacileeasy3rd declension pattern
facioverbfacere, feci, factusmake, do5th/mixed conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
faveoverbfavere, favi, fautus (+ dative)favour, support2nd conjugation
felixadjectivefelicisfortunate, happy3rd declension pattern
feminanounfeminae, f.woman1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
feroverbferre, tuli, latusbring, carry, bearirregular
feroxadjectiveferocisfierce, ferocious3rd declension pattern
festinoverbfestinare, festinavihurry1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
fidelisadjectivefidelefaithful, loyal3rd declension pattern
filianounfiliae, f.daughter1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
filiusnounfiliison2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
flumennounfluminisriver3rd declension neuter
forteadverbby chance
fortisadjectivefortebrave3rd declension pattern
forumnounforiforum, market place2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
fraternounfratris, m.brother3rd declension m./f.
frustraadverbin vain
fugioverbfugere, fugirun away, flee5th/mixed conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
gaudeoverbgaudere, gavisus sumbe pleased, rejoice2nd conjugation
gaudiumnoungaudiijoy, pleasure2nd declension neuter
gensnoungentis, f.family, tribe, race, people3rd declension m./f.
geroverbgerere, gessi, gestuswear (clothes), wage (war)3rd conjugation
gladiusnoungladiisword2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
gravisadjectivegraveheavy, serious3rd declension pattern
habeoverbhabere, habui, habitushave2nd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
habitoverbhabitare, habitavi, habitatuslive1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
hicpronounhaec, hocthis, he, she, it
homonounhominis, m.man, human being3rd declension m./f.
horanounhorae, f.hour1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
hortorverbhortari, hortatus sum (1)encourage, urgedeponent
hortusnounhortigarden2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
hostisnounhostis, m.enemy3rd declension m./f.
iaceoverbiacere, iacuilie2nd conjugation
iacioverbiacere, ieci, iactus (in compounds -icio)throw5th/mixed conjugation
iamadverbnow, already
ianuanounianuae, f.door1st declension
idempronouneadem, idemthe same
igiturconjunctiontherefore, and so
illepronounilIa, illudthat, he, she, it
imperatornounimperatoris, m.emperor, general, leader3rd declension m./f.
imperiumnounimperiicommand, power, empire2nd declension neuter
imperoverbimperare, imperavi, imperatus + dativeorder, command1st conjugation
inpreposition(+ ablative) (also used as a prefix)in, on(+ ablative)Eng-Lat sentences only
inpreposition(+ accusative) (also used as a prefix)into, onto(+ accusative)Eng-Lat sentences only
incendoverbincendere, incendi, incensusburn, set on fire3rd conjugation
infelixadjectiveinfelicisunlucky, unhappy3rd declension pattern
ingensadjectiveingentishuge3rd declension pattern
ingrediorverbingredi, ingressus sum (3)enterdeponent
inimicusnouninimicienemy2nd declension masculine
inquitverbhe/she says, he/she saidirregular
insulanouninsulae, f.island, block of flats1st declension
intellegoverbintellegere, intellexi, intellectusunderstand, realise3rd conjugation
interpreposition(+ accusative)among, between(+ accusative)
interficioverbinterficere, interfeci, interfectuskill5th/mixed conjugation
introverbintrare, intravi, intratusenter1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
invenioverbinvenire, inveni, inventusfind4th conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
invitoverbinvitare, invitavi, invitatusinvite1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
ipsepronounipsa, ipsumhimself, herself, itself, themselves
iranounirae, f.anger1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
iratusadjectiveirata, iratumangry2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
ispronounea, idthis, that, he, she, it, them
itaadverbin this way, to such an extent, so
itaqueconjunctionand so, therefore
iternounitinerisjourney3rd declension neuter
iubeoverbiubere, iussi, iussusorder2nd conjugation
iuvenisnouniuvenis, m.young man3rd declension m./f.
labornounlaboris, m.work3rd declension m./f.
laboroverblaborare, laboraviwork1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
lacrimoverblacrimare, lacrimaviweep, cry1st conjugation
laetusadjectivelaeta, laetumhappy2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
laudoverblaudare, laudavi, laudatuspraise1st conjugation
legionounlegionis, f.legion3rd declension m./f.
legoverblegere, legi, lectusread, choose3rd conjugation
lentusadjectivelenta, lentumslow2-1-2 pattern
libenteradverbwillingly, gladly
libernounlibribook2nd declension masculine
liberinounliberorum (plural only)children2nd declension masculine
liberoverbliberare, liberavi, liberatusset free1st conjugation
libertusnounlibertifreedman, ex-slave2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
locusnounlociplace2nd declension masculine
longusadjectivelonga, longumlong2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
loquorverbloqui, locutus sum (3)speakdeponent
luxnounlucis, f.light, daylight3rd declension m./f.
magnusadjectivemagna, magnumbig, large, great2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
maloverbmalle, maluipreferirregular
malusadjectivemala, malumevil, bad2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
maneoverbmanere, mansiremain, stay2nd conjugation
manusnounmanus, f.hand, group of people4th declension
marenounmarissea3rd declension neuter
maritusnounmaritihusband2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
maternounmatris, f.mother3rd declension m./f.
maximeadverbvery greatly
mediusadjectivemedia, mediummiddle2-1-2 pattern
meuspronounmea, meummy
milesnounmilitis, m.soldier3rd declension m./f.
minimeadverbvery little, least, no
mirorverbmirari, miratus sum (1)wonder at, admiredeponent
miseradjectivemisera, miserummiserable, wretched, sad2-1-2 pattern
mittoverbmittere, misi, missussend3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
modusnounmodimanner, way, kind2nd declension masculine
moneoverbmonere, monui, monituswarn, advise2nd conjugation
monsnounmontis, m.mountain3rd declension m./f.
moriorverbmori, mortuus sum (3)diedeponent
morsnounmortis, f.death3rd declension m./f.
moveoverbmovere, movi, motusmove2nd conjugation
multoadverb(by) much
multusadjectivemulta, multummuch, many2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
murusnounmuriwall2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
narroverbnarrare, narravi, narratustell, relate1st conjugation
nautanounnautae, m.sailor1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
navigoverbnavigare, navigavisail1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
navisnounnavis, f.ship3rd declension m./f.
neconjunction(+ subjunctive)that ... not, so that ... not, that, lest
ne (suffix)interrogative(introduces an open question)
nec, nequeconjunctionand not, nor, neither
necoverbnecare, necavi, necatuskill1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
nemonounneminisno one, nobodyirregular
nescioverbnescire, nescivinot know4th conjugation
nisiconjunctionunless, except
noloverbnolle, noluinot want, refuseirregular
nomennounnominisname3rd declension neuter
nonadverbnotEng-Lat sentences only
nonne ... ?interrogativesurely ... ?
nonnulliadjectivenonnullae, nonnullasome, several2-1-2 pattern
nospronounnostrumwe, us
nosterpronounnostra, nostrumour
novusadjectivenova, novumnew2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
noxnounnoctis, f.night3rd declension m./f.
nullusadjectivenulla, nullumnot any, no2-1-2 pattern
num...?interrogativesurely ... not?
nuntioverbnuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatusannounce1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
nuntiusnounnuntiimessenger, message, news2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
occidoverboccidere, occidi, occisuskill3rd conjugation
offeroverbofferre, obtuli, oblatusofferirregular
olimadverbonce, some time ago
omnisadjectiveomneall, every3rd declension pattern
opprimoverbopprimere, oppressi, oppressuscrush, overwhelm3rd conjugation
oppugnoverboppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatusattack1st conjugation
oroverborare, oravi, oratusbeg1st conjugation
ostendoverbostendere, ostendi, ostentusshow3rd conjugation
paeneadverbalmost, nearly
paroverbparare, paravi, paratusprepare1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
parsnounpartis, f.part3rd declension m./f.
parvusadjectiveparva, parvumsmall2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
paternounpatris, m.father3rd declension m./f.
patiorverbpati, passus sum (3)suffer, enduredeponent
patrianounpatriae, f.country, homeland1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
pauciadjectivepaucae, paucafew, a few2-1-2 pattern
paxnounpacis, f.peace3rd declension m./f.
pecunianounpecuniae, f.money1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
pelloverbpellere, pepuli, pulsusdrive3rd conjugation
perpreposition(+ accusative)through, along(+ accusative)
pereoverbperire, periidie, perishirregular
periculumnounpericulidanger2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
persuadeoverbpersuadere, persuasi (+ dative)persuade2nd conjugation
perterritusadjectiveperterrita, perterritumterrified2-1-2 pattern
pesnounpedis, m.foot3rd declension m./f.
petoverbpetere, petivi, petitusmake for, seek, beg/ask for3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
poenanounpoenae, f.punishment1st declension
ponoverbponere, posui, positusput, place, put up3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
portanounportae, f.gate1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
portoverbportare, portavi, portatuscarry1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
possumverbposse, potuican, be ableirregularEng-Lat sentences only
postpreposition(+ accusative)after, behind(+ accusative)
postquamconjunctionafter, when
postridieadverbon the next day
praemiumnounpraemiiprize, reward, profit2nd declension neuter
primoadverbat first
primusadjectiveprima, primumfirst2-1-2 pattern
princepsnounprincipis, m.chief, emperor3rd declension m./f.
propreposition(+ ablative)in front of, for, in return for(+ ablative)
procedoverbprocedere, processiadvance, proceed3rd conjugation
proeliumnounproeliibattle2nd declension neuter
proficiscorverbproficisci, profectus sum (3)set outdeponent
progrediorverbprogredi, progressus sum (3)advancedeponent
promittoverbpromittere, promisi, promissuspromise3rd conjugation
propepreposition(+ accusative)near(+ accusative)
propterpreposition(+ accusative)on account of, because of(+ accusative)
proximusadjectiveproxima, proximumnearest, next to2-1-2 pattern
puellanounpuellae, f.girl1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
puernounpueriboy2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
pugnoverbpugnare, pugnavifight1st conjugation
pulcheradjectivepulchra, pulchrumbeautiful, handsome2-1-2 pattern
punioverbpunire, punivi, punituspunish4th conjugation
putoverbputare, putavi, putatusthink1st conjugation
quaeroverbquaerere, quaesivi, quaesitussearch for, look for, ask3rd conjugation
qualis?interrogativequalewhat sort of?
quamadverb(+ superlative)as...as possible
quando?interrogativewhen?Eng-Lat sentences only
quantus?interrogativequanta? quantum?how big? how much?
que (suffix)conjunctionandEng-Lat sentences only
quipronounquae, quodwho, which
quidampronounquaedam, quoddamone, a certain, some
quis?interrogativequid?who? what?
quo?interrogativeto where?
quoqueconjunctionalso, too
quot?interrogativehow many?
rapioverbrapere, rapui, raptusseize, grab5th/mixed conjugation
re-preposition(used as a prefix)backprefix
reddoverbreddere, reddidi, redditusgive back, restore3rd conjugation
redeoverbredire, rediigo back, come back, returnirregular
referoverbreferre, rettuli, relatusbring/carry back, report, tellirregular
reginanounreginae, f.queen1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
regnumnounregnikingdom2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
regoverbregere, rexi, rectusrule3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
regrediorverbregredi, regressus sum (3)go back, returndeponent
relinquoverbrelinquere, reliqui, relictusleave, leave behind3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
resnounrei, f.thing, matter, event5th declension
resistoverbresistere, restiti (+ dative)resist3rd conjugation
respondeoverbrespondere, respondi, responsusreply2nd conjugation
rexnounregis, m.king3rd declension m./f.
rideoverbridere, risilaugh, smile2nd conjugation
rogoverbrogare, rogavi, rogatusask, ask for1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
RomanounRomae, f. (Romae: at/in Rome)Rome1st declension
RomanusadjectiveRomana, RomanumRoman2-1-2 pattern
saceradjectivesacra, sacrumsacred2-1-2 pattern
saepeadverboftenEng-Lat sentences only
saevusadjectivesaeva, saevumsavage, cruel2-1-2 patternEng-Lat sentences only
salutoverbsalutare, salutavi, salutatusgreet1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
sanguisnounsanguinis, m.blood3rd declension m./f.
scelestusadjectivescelesta, scelestumwicked2-1-2 pattern
scelusnounsceleriscrime3rd declension neuter
scioverbscire, scivi, scitusknow4th conjugation
scriboverbscribere, scripsi, scriptuswrite3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
sepronounsuihimself, herself, itself, themselves
sedeoverbsedere, sedisit2nd conjugation
semperadverbalwaysEng-Lat sentences only
senatornounsenatoris, m.senator3rd declension m./f.
senexnounsenis, m.old man3rd declension m./f.
sentioverbsentire, sensi, sensusfeel, notice4th conjugation
sequorverbsequi, secutus sum (3)followdeponent
servoverbservare, servavi, servatussave, protect, keep1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
servusnounservislave2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
sicadverbthus, in this way
silvanounsilvae, f.wood1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
simuladverbat the same time
simulac, simulatque conjunctionas soon as
sinepreposition(+ ablative)without(+ ablative)
soleoverbsolere, solitus sumbe accustomed2nd conjugation
solusadjectivesola, solumalone, lonely, only, on one's own2-1-2 pattern
spectoverbspectare, spectavi, spectatuslook at, watch1st conjugation
speroverbsperare, speravi, speratushope, expect1st conjugation
spesnounspei, f.hope5th declension
statimadverbat once, immediatelyEng-Lat sentences only
stoverbstare, stetistand1st conjugation
stultusadjectivestulta, stultumstupid, foolish2-1-2 pattern
subpreposition(+ accusative)under, beneath(+ accusative)
subpreposition(+ ablative)under, beneath(+ ablative)
subitoadverbsuddenlyEng-Lat sentences only
sumverbesse, fuibeirregularEng-Lat sentences only
summusadjectivesumma, summumhighest, greatest, top (of)2-1-2 pattern
superoverbsuperare, superavi, superatusovercome, overpower1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
surgoverbsurgere, surrexiget up, stand up, rise3rd conjugation
suuspronounsua, suumhis, her, its, their (own)
tabernanountabernae, f.shop, inn1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
taceoverbtacere, tacui, tacitusbe silent, be quiet2nd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
talisadjectivetalesuch3rd declension pattern
tandemadverbat last, finallyEng-Lat sentences only
tantusadjectivetanta, tantumso great, such a great2-1-2 pattern
tempestasnountempestatis, f.storm3rd declension m./f.
templumnountemplitemple2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
tempusnountemporistime3rd declension neuter
teneoverbtenere, tenui, tentushold2nd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
terranounterrae, f.ground, land, country1st declension
terreoverbterrere, terrui, territusfrighten2nd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
timeoverbtimere, timuifear, be afraid2nd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
tolloverbtollere, sustuli, sublatusraise, lift up, hold up3rd conjugation
totadjectiveso manyother
totusadjectivetota, totumwhole2-1-2 pattern
tradoverbtradere, tradidi, traditushand over3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
trahoverbtrahere, traxi, tractusdrag3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
transpreposition(+ accusative) (also used as a prefix)across(+ accusative)
tresnumbertres, triathree
tristisadjectivetristesad3rd declension pattern
tupronountuiyou (singular)
turbanounturbae, f.crowd1st declension
tuuspronountua, tuumyour (singular), yours
unde?interrogativefrom where?
unusnumberuna, unumone
urbsnounurbis, f.city, town3rd declension m./f.
utconjunction(+ subjunctive)that, so that, in order that
utconjunction(+ indicative)as, when
uxornounuxoris, f.wife3rd declension m./f.
validusadjectivevalida, validumstrong2-1-2 pattern
vehementeradverbviolently, loudly
vendoverbvendere, vendidi, venditussell3rd conjugation
venioverbvenire, veni come4th conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
verbumnounverbiword2nd declension neuter
vertoverbvertere, verti, versusturn3rd conjugation
vesterpronounvestra, vestrum your (plural), yours
vianounviae, f.street, road, way1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
victorianounvictoriae, f.victory1st declension
videoverbvidere, vidi, visussee2nd conjugation
videorverbvideri, visus sum (2)seem, appeardeponent
villanounvillae, f.house, country villa1st declensionEng-Lat sentences only
vincoverbvincere, vici, victusconquer, win, be victorious3rd conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
vinumnounviniwine2nd declension neuterEng-Lat sentences only
virnounviriman2nd declension masculineEng-Lat sentences only
virtusnounvirtutis, f.courage, virtue3rd declension m./f.
vitanounvitae, f.life1st declension
vivoverbvivere, vixilive, be alive3rd conjugation
vocoverbvocare, vocavi, vocatuscall1st conjugationEng-Lat sentences only
voloverbvelle, voluiwantirregular
vospronounvestrumyou (plural)
voxnounvocis, f.voice, shout3rd declension m./f.
vulneroverbvulnerare, vulneravi, vulneratuswound, injure1st conjugation
vulnusnounvulneriswound3rd declension neuter

GCSE Greek (9-1)

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ἀγαθόςἀγαθή, ἀγαθόνgood
adjective2-1-2 patternagaqos, agaqh, agaqon
ἀγγέλλωἀγγελῶ, ἤγγειλα, ἠγγέλθηνI announce
verbactiveaggellw, aggelw, hggeila, hggelqhn
ἄγγελοςἀγγέλου, ὁmessenger
noun2nd declension masculineaggelos, aggelou, o
ἀγοράἀγορᾶς, ἡmarket-place
noun1st declension feminineagora, agoras, h
ἀγρόςἀγροῦ, ὁfield, countryside
noun2nd declension masculineagros, agrou, o
ἄγωἄξω, ἤγαγον, ἤχθηνI lead, bring
verbactivestrongagw, acw, hgagon, hxqhn
ἀγώνἀγῶνος, ὁcontest, trialnoun3rd declension masculineagwn agonosnew
ἀδικέωἀδικήσω, ἠδίκησα, ἠδικήθηνI do wrong, injure
verbactiveadikew, adikhsw, hdikhsa, hdikhqhn
ἄδικοςἄδικος, ἄδικονunjust, wrong
adjective2-1-2 patternadikos, adikos, adikon
᾿Αθῆναι᾿Αθηνῶν, αἱAthensnoun1st declension feminineaqhnai aqhnwnnew
ἈθηναῖοιἈθηναίων, οἱAthenians
noun2nd declension masculineaqhnaioi, aqhnaiwn, oi
ἈθηναῖοςἈθηναῖα, ἈθηναῖονAthenianadjective2-1-2 patternaqhnaios, aqhnaia, aqhnaion
ἆθλονἆθλου, τόprize, rewardnoun2nd declension neuteraqlon, aqlou, to
αἱρέομαιαἱρήσομαι, εἱλόμηνI choose
verbmiddlestrongaireomai, airhsomai, eilomhn
αἱρέωαἱρήσω, εἷλον, ᾑρέθηνI take
verbactivestrongairew, airhsw, eilon, hreqhn
αἰσθάνομαιαἰσθήσομαι, ᾐσθόμηνI notice, perceive
verbmiddlestrongaisqanomai, aisqhsomai, hsqomhn
αἰσχρόςαἰσχρά, αἰσχρόνshameful, ugly
adjective2-1-2 patternaisxros, aisxra, aisxron
αἰτέωαἰτήσω, ᾔτησαI ask, ask for, beg for, demand
verbactiveaitew, aithsw, hthsa
αἴτιοςαἰτία, αἴτιον (+gen.)responsible for, guilty of
adjective2-1-2 patternaitios, aitia, aition (+gen.)
αἰχμάλωτοςαἰχμαλώτου, ὁprisoner of war
noun2nd declension masculineaixmalwtos, aixmalwtou, o
ἀκούωἀκούσομαι, ἤκουσα, ἠκούσθηνI hear, listen
verbactiveakouw, akousomai, hkousa, hkousqhn
ἀληθήςἀληθής, ἀληθέςtrue
adjective3-3 patternalhqhs, alhqhs, alhqes
ἄλλοςἄλλη, ἄλλοother, another
adjective2-1-2 patternallos, allh, allo
ἄν[in conditional sentence, makes aorist verb mean ‘would have …’]particleannew
ἀνά (+acc)up
prepositionana (+acc)
ἀναγκάζωἀναγκάσω, ἠνάγκασα, ἠναγκάσθηνI force, compel
verbactiveanagkazw, anagkasw, hngkasa, hnagksqhn
ἀναχωρέωἀναχωρήσω, ἀνεχώρησαI retreat, withdraw
verbactiveanaxwrew, anaxwrhsw, anexwrhsa
ἀνδρεῖοςἀνδρεία, ἀνδρεῖονbrave
adjective2-1-2 patternandreios, andreia, andreion
ἄνεμοςἀνέμου, ὁwind
noun2nd declension masculineanemos, anemou, o
ἄνευ (+gen)without
prepositionaneu (+gen)
ἀνήρἀνδρός, ὁman, husband
noun3rd declension masculineanhr, andros, o
ἄνθρωποςἀνθρώπου, ὁman, person
noun2nd declension masculineanqrwpos, anqrwpou, o
ἄξιοςἀξία, ἄξιον (+gen.)worthy of
adjective2-1-2 patternacios, acia, acion (+gen.)
ἀπό (+gen.)from, away from
prepositionapo (+gen.)
ἀποθνῄσκωἀποθανοῦμαι, ἀπέθανονI die, am killed
verbactivestrongapoqnῄskw, apoqanoumai, apeqanon
ἀποκρίνομαιἀποκρινοῦμαι, ἀπεκρινάμηνI reply
verbmiddleapokrinomai, apokrinoumai, apekrinamhn
ἀποκτείνωἀποκτενῶ, ἀπέκτειναI kill
verbactiveapokteinw, apoktenw, apekteina
ἆρα(introduces a question)
ἀρχήἀρχῆς, ἡbeginning, power, empire
noun1st declension femininearxh, arxhs, h
ἄρχομαιἄρξομαι, ἠρξάμην (+gen.)I begin
verbmiddlearxomai, arcomai, hrcamhn (+gen.)
ἄρχωἄρξω, ἦρξα, ἤρχθην (+gen.)I rule
verbactivearxw, arcw, hrca, hrxqhn (+gen.)
ἄρχωνἄρχοντος, ὁruler, magistratenoun3rd declension masculinearxwn arxonosnew
ἀσθενήςἀσθενής, ἀσθενέςweak
adjective3-3 patternasqenhs, asqenhs, asqenes
ἀσπίςἀσπίδος, ἡshield
noun3rd declension feminineaspis, aspidos, h
ἀσφαλήςἀσφαλής, ἀσφαλέςsafe
adjective3-3 patternasfalhs, asfalhs, asfales
αὐτόναὐτήν, αὐτόhim, her, it, thempronounauton, authn auto
αὐτόςαὐτή, αὐτόself, himself, herself, itself (emphatic)pronounautos, auth, auto
ἀφικνέομαι ἀφίξομαι, ἀφικόμηνI arrive
verbmiddlestrongafikneomai, aficomai, afikomhn
βαίνωβήσομαι, ἔβηνI go
verbactiverootbainw, bhsomai, ebhn
βάλλωβαλῶ, ἔβαλον, ἐβλήθηνI throw, fire at, hit (with missile)
verbactivestrongbllw, balw, ebalon, eblhqhn
βάρβαροιβαρβάρων, οἱforeigners, barbarians
noun2nd declension masculinebarbaroi, barbarwn, oi
βασιλεύςβασιλέως, ὁking
noun3rd declension masculinebasileus, basilews, o
βίαβίας, ἡforce, strength
noun1st declension femininebia, bias, h
βίβλοςβίβλου, ἡbooknoun2nd declension femininebiblos biblounew
βίοςβίου, ὁlife
noun2nd declension masculinebios, biou, o
βλάπτωβλάѱω, ἔβλαѱα, ἐβλάφθηνI harm
verbactiveblaptw, blayw, eblaya, eblafqhn
βοάωβοήσομαι, ἐβόησαI shout
verbactiveboaw, bohsomai, ebohsa
βοήβοῆς, ἡshoutnoun1st declension feminineboh, bohs, h
βοηθέωβοηθήσω, ἐβοήθησα, ἐβοήθην (+dat.)I help
verbactivebohqew, bohqhsw, ebohqhsa, ebohqhn (+dat.)
βουλήβουλῆς, ἡplan, a council
noun1st declension feminineboulh, boulhs, h
βούλομαιβουλήσομαι, ἐβουλήθηνI wish
verbmiddlem to pboulomai, boulhsomai, eboulhqhn
βραδύςβραδεῖα, βραδύslow
adjective3-1-3 patternbradus, bradeia, bradu
γεat any rate, even
γελάωγελάσομαι, ἐγέλασα, ἐγελάσθηνI laugh
verbactivegelaw, gelasomai, egelasa, egelasqhn
γέρωνγέροντος, ὁold man
noun3rd declension masculinegerwn, gerontos, o
γῆγῆς, ἡland
noun1st declension femininegh, ghs, h
γίγνομαιγενήσομαι, ἐγενόμηνI become, happen, occur
verbmiddlestronggignomai, genhsomai, egenomhn
γιγνώσκωγνώσομαι, ἔγνων, ἐγνώσθηνI know, realise, understand
verbactiverootgignwskw, gnwsomai, egnwn, egnwsqhn
γλῶσσαγλώσσης, ἡtongue, language
noun1st declension feminineglwssa, glwsshs, h
γράφωγράѱω, ἔγραѱα, ἐγράφηνI write, draw
verbactivegrafw, grayw, egraya, egrafhn
γυνήγυναικός, ἡwoman, wife
noun3rd declension femininegunh, gunaikos, h
δακρύωδακρύσω, ἐδάκρυσαI cry
verbactivedakruw, dakrusw, edakrusa
δέbut, and
δεῖδεήσει, ἐδέησε (with acc. + infin)it is necessary
verbimpersonaldei, dehsei, edehse (with acc. + infin)
δεινόςδεινή, δεινόνterrible, strange, clever
adjective2-1-2 patterndeinos, deinh, deinon
δεῖπνονδείπνου, τόdinner, mealnoun2nd declension neuterdeipnon deipnounew
δένδρονδένδρου, τόtree
noun2nd declension neuterdendron, dendrou, to
δεσπότηςδεσπότου, ὁmaster
noun1st declension masculinedespoths, despotou, o
δεύτεροςδευτέρα, δεύτερονsecond
adjective2-1-2 patterndeuteros, deutera, deuteron
δέχομαιδέξομαι, ἐδεξάμηνI receive
verbmiddledexomai, decomai, edecamhn
δῆμοςδήμου, ὁpeople, communitynoun2nd declension masculinedhmos dhmounew
δι' ὀλίγουsoon
adverbdi' oligou
διά (+ acc)because of, on account ofprepositiondia (+ acc)
διά (+gen.)throughprepositiondia (+gen.)
διὰ τί;why?
particledia ti;
διαφθείρωδιαφθερῶ, διέφθειρα, διεφθάρηνI destroy
verbactivediafqeirw, diafqerw, diefqeira,
διδάσκωδιδάξω, ἐδίδαξα, ἐδιδάχθηνI teachverbactivedidaskw, didacw, edidaca, edidaxqhnnew
(δίδωμι)δώσω, ἔδωκαI give (future and aorist indicative active
and infinitives only)
verbirregulardidwmi edwka dwswnew
δίκαιοςδικαία, δίκαιονjust, fair
adjective2-1-2 patterndikaios, dikaia, dikaion
διώκωδιώξω, ἐδίωξα, ἐδιώχθηνI chase, pursue
verbactivediwkw, diwcw, ediwca, ediwxqhn
δοκεῖ (μοι)δόξει, ἔδοξε(I) decide (= it seems good (to me))
verbimpersonaldokei (moi), docei, edoce
δοῦλοςδούλου, ὁslave
noun2nd declension masculinedoulos, doulou, o
δοῦναι(cf. δίδωμι)to give, to have givenverbinfinitivedounainew
δύοδύο, δύοtwo
cardinalduo, duo, duo
δυστυχήςδυστυχής, δυστυχέςunlucky
adjective3-1-3 patterndustuxhs, dustuxhs, dustuxes
δῶρονδώρου, τόpresent, gift
noun2nd declension neuterdwron, dwrou, to
ἑαυτόνἑαυτήν, ἑαυτό (no nom)himself, herself, itself, themselves
pronouneauton, eauthn, eauto (no nom)
ἐγώἐμοῦ, I, me
pronounegw, emou
ἐθέλωἐθελήσω, ἠθέλησαI wish, am willing
verbactiveeqelw, eqelhsw, hqelhsa
εἰδέναιto knowverbverbeidenai
εἰδώςknowingadjective3-1-3 patterneidws
εἰμίἔσομαι, ἦνI am
verbirregulareimi, esomai, hn
εἶμι(cf. ἔρχομαι)I shall goverbirregulareiminew
εἰρήνηεἰρήνης, ἡpeace
noun1st declension feminineeirhnh, eirhnhs, h
εἷςμία, ἕνone
cardinaleis, mia, en
εἰς (+acc.)to, into
prepositioneis (+acc.)
εἰς τοσοῦτονto such an extentadverbeis tosouton
εἰσβάλλωεἰσβαλῶ, εἰσέβαλον, εἰσεβλήθηνI throw into, invade
verbactivestrongeisballw, eisbalw, eisebalon, eiseblhqhn
ἐκἐξ (+gen)out of, from
prepositionek, ec (+gen)
ἕκαστοςἑκάστη, ἕκαστονeach
adjective2-1-2 patternekastos, ekasth, ekaston
ἐκεῖνοςἐκείνη, ἐκεῖνοthat, those
adjective2-1-2 patternekeinos, ekeinh, ekeino
ἐκκλησίαἐκκλησίας, ἡassembly, meeting
noun1st declension feminineekklhsia, ekklhsias, h
ἐκφεύγωI escapeverbactiveekfeugw
ἐλεύθεροςἐλευθέρα, ἐλεύθερονfree
adjective2-1-2 patterneleuqeros, eleuqera, eleuqeron
῾Ελλάς῾Ελλάδος, ἡGreecenoun3rd declension feminineellas elladosnew
ἝλληνἝλληνος, ὁa Greeknoun3rd declension masculineellhn, ellhnos, o
ἐλπίζωἐλπιῶ, ἤλπισα, ἠλπίσθηνI hope, expect
verbactiveelpizw, elpiw, hlpisa, hlpisqhn
ἐμόςἐμή, ἐμόνmy, mine
adjective2-1-2 patternemos, emh, emon
ἐν (+dat)in, among
prepositionen (+dat)
ἔνοικοςἐνοίκου, ὁinhabitant
noun2nd declension masculineenoikos, enoikou, o
ἔξεστιit is allowed, possible
ἐπείsince, when
ἔπειταthen, afterwards
ἐπί (+acc)against, on to, on, atprepositionepi (+acc)
ἐπιστολήἐπιστολῆς, ἡletter
noun1st declension feminineepistolh, epistolhs, h
ἕπομαιἕѱομαι, ἑσπόμην (+dat.)I follow
verbmiddlestrongepomai, eyomai, espomhn (+dat.)
ἔργονἔργου, τόwork, task, deed, action
noun2nd declension neuterergon, ergou, to
ἔρχομαιεἶμι, ἦλθονI go, come
verbmiddlestrongerxomai, eimi, hlqon
ἐρωτάωἐρωτήσω, ἠρόμην / ἠρώτησαI ask (a question)
verbactiveerwtaw, erwthsw, hromhn / hrwthsa
ἐσθίωἔδομαι, ἔφαγονI eat
verbactivestrongesqiw, edomai, efagon
ἑσπέραἑσπέρας, ἡevening
noun1st declension feminineespera, esperas, h
ἑτοῖμοςἑτοῖμονreadyadjective2-2 patternetoimos etoimonnew
ἔτοςἔτους, τόyear
noun3rd declension neuteretos, etous, to
εὐθύςat once, immediately
εὑρίσκωεὑρήσω, ηὗρον, ηὑρέθηνI find
verbactivestrongeuriskw, eurhsw, huron, hureqhn
εὐρύςεὐρεῖα, εὐρύwide
adjective3-1-3 patterneurus, eureia, euru
εὐτυχήςεὐτυχής, εὐτυχέςlucky, fortunate
adjective3-1-3 patterneutuxhs, eutuxhs, eutuxes
ἔφη(cf. φήμι)he/she saidverbirregularefhnew
ἐχθρόςἐχθρά, ἐχθρόνhostile
adjective2-1-2 patternexqros, exqra, exqron
ἐχθρόςἐχθροῦ, ὁ(personal) enemynoun2nd declension masculineexqros exqrounew
ἔχω (imperfect εἶχον)ἕξω, ἔσχονI have
verbactivestrongexw (imperfect eixon), ecw, esxon
ἕωςwhile, until
ΖεύςΔιός, ὁZeus
noun3rd declension masculinezeus, dios, o
ζητέωζητήσω, ἐζήτησα, ἐζητήθηνI seek
verbactivezhtew, zhthsw, ezhthsa, ezhthqhn
or, than
ἡγεμώνἡγεμόνος, ὁguide, leader
noun3rd declension masculinehgemwn, hgemonos, o
ἤδηalready, by now
ἡδύςἡδεῖα, ἡδύpleasant, sweet
adjective3-1-3 patternhdus, hdeia, hdu
ἡμεῖςἡμῶν, we
pronounhmeis, hmwn
ἡμέραἡμέρας, ἡday
noun1st declension femininehmera, hmeras, h
ἡμέτεροςἡμετέρα, ἡμέτερονour
adjective2-1-2 patternhmeteros, hmetera, hmeteron
θάλασσαθαλάσσης, ἡsea
noun1st declension feminineqalassa, qalasshs, h
θάνατοςθανάτου, ὁdeath
noun2nd declension masculineqanatos, qanatou, o
θάπτωθάѱω, ἔθαѱα, ἐτάφηνI bury
verbactiveqaptw, qayw, eqaya, etafhn
θαυμάζωθαυμάσομαι, ἐθαύμασα, ἐθαυμάσθηνI am amazed at, admire
verbactiveqaumazw, qaumasomai, eqaumasa, eqaumasqhn
θεάθεᾶς, ἡgoddess
noun1st declension feminineqea, qeas, h
θεόςθεοῦ, ὁgod
noun2nd declension masculineqeos, qeou, o, h
θυγάτηρθυγατρός, ἡdaughter
noun3rd declension femininequgathr, qugatros, h
θύραθύρας, ἡdoor
noun1st declension femininequra, quras, h
θύωθύσω, ἔθυσα, ἐτύθηνI sacrifice
verbactivequw, qusw, equsa, etuqhn
ἰατρόςἰατροῦ, ὁdoctor
noun2nd declension masculineiatros, iatrou, o
ἰέναι(cf. ἔιμι)to goverbinfinitiveienainew
ἱερόνἱεροῦ, τόtemple
noun2nd declension neuterieron, ierou, to
ἱεροςἱερά, ἱερόνsacred
adjective2-1-2 patternieros, iera, ieron
ἵναin order that, in order to
ἱππεύςἱππέως, ὁcavalryman (plural=cavalry)
noun3rd declension masculineippeus, ippews, o
ἵπποςἵππου, ὁhorse
noun2nd declension masculineippos, ippou, o
ἰσχυρόςἰσχυρά, ἰσχυρόνstrong
adjective2-1-2 patternisxuros, isxura, isxuron
ἰώνἰοῦσα, ἰόν (cf. ἔιμι)goingparticipleiwn iousa ionnew
καθεύδωκαθευδήσω, ἐκάθευδον (impf)I sleep
verbactivekaqeudw, kaqeudhsw, ekaqeudon (impf)
καθίζωκαθιῶ, ἐκάθισαI sit
verbactivekaqizw, kaqiw, ekaqisa
καίand, also, even, too
καίωκαύσω, ἔκαυσα, ἐκαύθηνI burn, set on fire
verbactivekaiw, kausw, ekausa, ekauqhn
κακόςκακή, κακόνbad, wicked
adjective2-1-2 patternkakos, kakh, kakon
καλέωκαλῶ, ἐκάλεσα, ἐκλήθηνI call
verbactivekalew, kalw, ekalesa, eklhqhn
καλόςκαλή, καλόνbeautiful, handsome, fine
adjective2-1-2 patternkalos, kalh, kalon
κατά (+acc)by, down, along, according to
prepositionkata (+acc)
κατά (+gen)downprepositionkata (+gen)
κατὰ γῆνby landadverbkata ghn
κατὰ θάλασσανby seaadverbkata qalassannew
κελεύωκελεύσω, ἐκέλευσα, ἐκελεύσθηνI order
verbactivekeleuw, keleusw, ekeleusa, ekeleusqhn
κεφαλήκεφαλῆς, ἡhead
noun1st declension femininekefalh, kefalhs, h
κίνδυνοςκινδύνου, ὁdanger
noun2nd declension masculinekindunos, kindunou, o
κλέπτωκλέѱω, ἔκλεѱα, ἐκλάπηνI steal
verbactivekleptw, kleyw, ekleya, eklaphn
κολάζωκολάσω, ἐκόλασα, ἐκολάσθηνI punish
verbactivekolazw, kolasw, ekolasa, ekolasqhn
κόπτωκόѱω, ἔκοѱα, ἐκόπηνI cut (down)
verbactivekoptw, koyw, ekoya, ekophn
κρύπτομαιI hide (myself)verbmiddlekruptomainew
κρύπτωκρύѱω, ἔκρυѱα, ἐκρύφθηνI hide
verbactivekruptw, kruyw, ekruya, ekrufqhn
κτάομαικτήσομαι, ἐκτησάμην, ἐκτήθηνI obtain, get
verbmiddlektaomai, kthsomai, ekthsamhn, ekthqhn
κωλύωκωλύσω, ἐκώλυσα, ἐκωλύθηνI hinder, prevent (someone from doing)
verbactivekwluw, kwlusw, ekwlusa, ekwluqhn
λάθρᾳin secret, secretly
ΛακεδαιμόνιοιΛακεδαιμονίων, οἱthe Spartans
noun2nd declension masculinelakedaimonioi, lakedaimoniwn, oi
λαμβάνωλήѱομαι, ἔλαβον, ἐλήφθηνI take, capture
verbactivestronglambanw, lhyomai, elabon, elhfqhn
λέγωἐρῶ / λέξω, εἶπον / ἔλεξα, ἐρρήθην / ἐλέχθηνI say, speak, tell
verbactivestronglegw, erw / lecw, eipon / eleca, errhqhn / elexqhn
λείπωλείѱω, ἔλιπον, ἐλείφθηνI leave
verbactivestrongleipw, leiyw, elipon, eleifqhn
λιμήνλιμένος, ὁharbour
noun3rd declension masculinelimhn, limenos, o
λίθοςλίθου, ὁstonenoun2nd declension masculineliqos liqounew
λόγοςλόγου, ὁword, speech, argument, story, account
noun2nd declension masculinelogos, logou, o
λύωλύσω, ἔλυσα, ἐλύθηνI untie, set free
verbactiveluw, lusw, elusa, eluqhn
μάλισταmost, very much, especially
μανθάνωμαθήσομαι, ἔμαθονI learn, understand
verbactivestrongmanqanw, maqhsomai, emaqon
μάχημάχης, ἡbattle
noun1st declension femininemaxh, maxhs, h
μάχομαιμαχοῦμαι, ἐμαχεσάμηνI fight
verbmiddlemaxomai, maxoumai, emaxesamhn
μέγαςμεγάλη, μέγαbig, great
adjective3-1-3 patternmegas, megalh, mega
μέλλωμελλήσω, ἐμέλλησα (+fut infin)I intend, am going to
verbactivemellw, mellhsw, emellhsa (+fut infin)
μέν... δέ(marks a contrast)
particlemen... de
μένωμενῶ, ἔμειναI wait, remain
verbactivemenw, menw, emeina
μετά (+acc)after
prepositionmeta (+acc)
μετά (+gen)withprepositionmeta (+gen)
μηδείςμηδεμία, μηδένno one, nothing, no
adjective3-1-3 patternmhdeis, mhdemia, mhden
μήτε... μήτε...neither...nor...
conjunctionmhte... mhte...
μήτηρμητρός, ἡmother
noun3rd declension femininemhthr, mhtros, h
μικρόςμικρά, μικρόνlittle
adjective2-1-2 patternmikros, mikra, mikron
μισέωμισήσω, εμίσησα, ἐμισήθηνI hate
verbactivemisew, mishsw, emishsa, emishqhn
μόνοςμόνη, μόνονalone, only
adjective2-1-2 patternmonos, monh, monon
μῦθοςμύθου, ὁstory
noun2nd declension masculinemuqos, muqou, o
μῶροςμώρα, μῶρονstupid, foolish
adjective2-1-2 patternmwros, mwra, mwron
ναῦςνεώς (irreg), ἡship
noun3rd declension femininenaus, news (irreg), h
ναύτηςναύτου, ὁsailor
noun1st declension masculinenauths, nautou, o
ναυτικόνναυτικοῦ, τόfleet
noun2nd declension neuternautikon, nautikou, to
νεανίαςνεανίου, ὁyoung man
noun1st declension masculineneanias, neaniou, o
νεκρόςνεκροῦ, ὁcorpse
noun2nd declension masculinenekros, nekrou, o
νέοςνέα, νέονnew, young, recent
adjective2-1-2 patternneos, nea, neon
νῆσοςνήσου, ἡisland
noun2nd declension femininenhsos, nhsou, h
νικάωνικήσω, ἐνίκησα, ἐνικήθηνI win, conquer
verbactivenikaw, nikhsw, enikhsa, enikhqhn
νίκηνίκης, ἡvictory
noun1st declension femininenikh, nikhs, h
νομίζωνομιῶ, ἐνόμισαI think, consider
verbactivenomizw, nomiw, enomisa
νόμοςνόμου, ὁlaw, custom
noun2nd declension masculinenomos, nomou, o
νόσοςνόσου, ἡdisease, illness
noun2nd declension femininenosos, nosou, h
νύξνυκτός, ἡnight
noun3rd declension femininenuc, nuktos, h
ξένοςξένου, ὁstranger, foreigner, guest, host
noun2nd declension masculinecenos, cenou, o
ξίφοςξίφους, τόsword
noun3rd declension neutercifos, cifous, to
ἡ, τόthe
articleo, h, to
ὁ αὐτόςἡ αὐτή, τό αὐτόthe samepronouno autos, h auth, to auto
ὅδεἥδε, τόδεthis
pronounode, hde, tode
ὁδόςὁδοῦ, ἡroad, path, way, journey
noun2nd declension feminineodos, odou, h
οἶδαεἴσομαι, ᾔδη (impf)I know
verbirregularoida, eisomai, hdh (impf)
οἰκέωοἰκήσω, ᾤκησα, ᾠκήθηνI live (in), inhabit
verbactiveoikew, oikhsw, ᾤkhsa, ᾠkhqhn
οἰκίαοἰκίας, ἡhouse
noun1st declension feminineoikia, oikias, h
οἶνοςοἴνου, ὁwine
noun2nd declension masculineoinos, oinou, o
οἷός τ' εἰμίI am able, can
verbirregularoios t' eimi
ὀλίγοιὀλίγαι, ὀλίγαfewadjective2-1-2 patternoligoi, oligai, oliga
ὀλίγοςὀλίγη, ὀλίγονlittle
adjective2-1-2 patternoligos, oligh, oligon
ὄνομαὀνόματος, τόname
noun3rd declension neuteronoma, onomatos, to
ὅπλαὅπλων, τάweapons, arms, armour
noun2nd declension neuteropla, oplwn, ta
ὁράωὄѱομαι, εἶδον, ὤφθηνI see
verbactivestrongoraw, oyomai, eidon, wfqhn
ὀργίζομαιὀργιοῦμαι, ὠργίσθην (+dat)I grow angry (with)
verbmiddlem to porgizomai, orgioumai, wrgisqhn (+dat)
ὄροςὄρους, τόmountain
noun3rd declension neuteroros, orous, to
ὅςἥ, ὅwho, which
pronounos, h, o
οὐοὐκ, οὐχnot
conjunctionou, ouk, oux
οὐδείςοὐδεμία, οὐδένno one, nothing, no
pronounoudeis, oudemia, ouden
οὖνtherefore, and so
οὐρανόςοὐρανοῦ, ὁsky, heavennoun2nd declension masculineouranos ouranounew
οὔτε... οὔτεneither...nor...
adverboute... oute
οὗτοςαὕτη, τοῦτοthis
pronounoutos, auth, touto
οὕτω(ς)so, in this way
παῖςπαιδός, ὁ, ἡchild, son, daughter, boy, girl
noun3rd declension masculinepais, paidos, o, h
πάλαιlong ago, in the past, formerlyadverbpalainew
παρά (+acc)contrary to
prepositionpara (+acc)
παρά (+gen)fromprepositionpara (+gen)
παρασκευάζωπαρασκευάσω, παρεσκεύασα, παρεσκευάσθηνI prepare
verbactiveparaskeuazw, paraskeuasw, pareskeuasa, pareskeuasqhn
παρέχωπαρέξω / παρασχήσω, παρέσχονI provide, cause, produce
verbactivestrongparexw, parecw / parasxhsw, paresxon
πᾶςπᾶσα, πᾶνall, every
adjective3-1-3 patternpas, pasa, pan
πάσχωπείσομαι, ἔπαθονI suffer, experience
verbactivestrongpasxw, peisomai, epaqon
πατήρπατρός, ὁfather
noun3rd declension masculinepathr, patros, o
παύομαιπαύσομαι, ἐπαυσάμηνI cease from (doing something)
verbmiddlepauomai, pausomai, epausamhn
παύωπαύσω, ἔπαυσα, ἐπαύσθηνI stop
verbactivepauw, pausw, epausa, epausqhn
πείθομαιπείσομαι, ἐπιθόμην (+dat)I obey
verbmiddlestrongpeiqomai, peisomai, epiqomhn (+dat)
πείθωπείσω, ἔπεισα / ἔπιθονI persuade
verbactivestrongpeiqw, peisw, epeisa / epiqon
πειράομαιπειράσομαι, ἐπειράθηνI try
verbmiddlem to ppeiraomai, peirasomai, epeiraqhn
πέμπτοςπέμπτη, πέμπτονfifth
adjective2-1-2 patternpemptos, pempth, pempton
πέμπωπέμѱω, ἔπεμѱα, ἐπέμφθηνI send
verbactivepempw, pemyw, epemya, epemfqhn
περί (+acc)roundprepositionperi (+acc)
περί (+gen)about, concerningprepositionperi (+gen)
πίνωπίομαι, ἔπιον, ἐπόθηνI drink
verbactivestrongpinw, piomai, epion, epoqhn
πίπτωπεσοῦμαι, ἔπεσονI fall
verbactivestrongpiptw, pesoumai, epeson
πιστεύωπιστεύσω, ἐπίστευσα (+dat)I believe, trust
verbactivepisteuw, pisteusw, episteusa (+dat)
πιστόςπιστή, πιστόνfaithful
adjective2-1-2 patternpistos, pisth, piston
πλέωπλεύσομαι, ἔπλευσαI sail
verbactiveplew, pleusomai, epleusa
πλήν (+gen)except
prepositionplhn (+gen)
πλοῖονπλοίου, τόboatnoun2nd declension neuterploion ploiounew
πλούσιοςπλουσία, πλούσιονrich
adjective2-1-2 patternplousios, plousia, plousion
πόθεν;from where?interrogative poqen;
ποῖ;to where?interrogative poi;
ποιέωποιήσω, ἐποίησα, ἐποιήθηνI do, make
verbactivepoiew, poihsw, epoihsa, epoihqhn
ποῖοςποία, ποῖον;what sort of?
adjective2-1-2 patternpoios, poia, poion;
πολέμιοιπολεμίων, οἱthe enemy
adjective2-1-2 patternpolemioi, polemiwn, oi
πόλεμοςπολέμου, ὁwar
noun2nd declension masculinepolemos, polemou, o
πόλιςπόλεως, ἡcity, state
noun3rd declension femininepolis, polews, h
πολίτηςπολίτου, ὁcitizen
noun1st declension masculinepoliths, politou, o
πολλοίπολλαί, πολλάmanyadjective2-1-2 patternpolloi, pollai, polla
πολύςπολλή, πολύmuch
adjective3-1-3 patternpolus, pollh, polu
πορεύομαιπορεύσομαι, ἐπορεύθηνI travel, march
verbmiddleporeuomai, poreusomai, eporeuqhn
ποσοίποσαί, ποσάhow many?adjective2-1-2 patternposoi, posai, posa
πόσοςπόση, πόσονhow big? how much?
adjective2-1-2 patternposos, posh, poson
ποταμόςποταμοῦ, ὁriver
noun2nd declension masculinepotamos, potamou, o
πούςποδός, ὁfoot
noun3rd declension masculinepous, podos, o
πράσσωπράξω, ἔπραξα, ἐπράχθηνI do, fare, manage
verbactiveprassw, pracw, epraca, epraxqhn
πρό (+gen)before, in front ofprepositionpro (+gen)
πρός (+acc)to, towards, againstprepositionpros (+acc)
προσβάλλωπροσβαλῶ, προσέβαλον, προσεβλήθην (+dat)I attack
verbactivestrongprosballw, prosbalw, prosebalon, proseblhqhn (+dat)
πρότερονbefore, formerly
πρῶτονat first, first
πρῶτοςπρῶτη, πρῶτονfirst
adjective2-1-2 patternprwtos, prwth, prwton
πύληπύλης, ἡgate
noun1st declension femininepulh, pulhs, h
πυνθάνομαιπεύσομαι, ἐπυθόμηνI learn, ascertain, ask
verbmiddlestrongpunqanomai, peusomai, epuqomhn
πῦρπυρός, τόfire
noun3rd declension neuterpur, puros, to
ῥᾴδιοςῥᾳδία, ῥᾴδιονeasy
adjective2-1-2 patternradios, radia, radion
σιγήσιγῆς, ἡsilence
noun1st declension femininesigh, sighs, h
σῖτοςσίτου, ὁfood, corn
noun2nd declension masculinesitos, sitou, o
σόςσή, σόνyour
adjective2-1-2 patternsos, sh, son
σοφόςσοφή, σοφόνwise
adjective2-1-2 patternsofos, sofh, sofon
στρατηγόςστρατηγοῦ, ὁgeneral, commander
noun2nd declension masculinestrathgos, strathgou, o
στρατιάστρατιᾶς, ἡarmy, expedition
noun1st declension femininestratia, stratias, h
στρατιώτηςστρατιώτου, ὁsoldier
noun1st declension masculinestratiwths, stratiwtou, o
σύσοῦyou (singular)
pronounsu, sou
συλλέγωσυλλέξω, συνέλεξα, συνελέχθην / συνελέγηνI collect, assemble
verbactivesullegw, sullecw, suneleca, sunelexqhn / suneleghn
σύμμαχοισυμμάχων, οἱallies
noun2nd declension masculinesummaxoi, summaxwn, oi
συμφοράσυμφορᾶς, ἡmisfortune, disaster
noun1st declension femininesumfora, sumforas, h
σῴζωσώσω, ἐσώσα, ἐσώθηνI save
verbactiveswzw, swsw, eswsa, eswqhn
σῶμασώματος, τόbody
noun3rd declension neuterswma, swmatos, to
ταχύςταχεῖα, ταχύfast, quick
adjective3-1-3 patterntaxus, taxeia, taxu
τε ... καί ...both ... and ...conjunctionte kainew
τεῖχοςτείχους, τόwall
noun3rd declension neuterteixos, teixous, to
τέλοςat last
τέσσαρεςτέσσαρες, τέσσαραfour
cardinaltessares, tessares, tessara
τέταρτοςτετάρτη, τέταρτονfourth
adjective2-1-2 patterntetartos, tetarth, tetarton
τιμάωτιμήσω, ἐτίμησα, ἐτιμήθηνI honour, respect
verbactivetimaw, timhsw, etimhsa, etimhqhn
τιμήτιμῆς, ἡhonour
noun1st declension femininetimh, timhs, h
τιςτιa certain, someone, something
pronountis, ti
τίς; τί;who? what? which?
pronountis; ti;
τοιοῦτοςτοιαύτη, τοιοῦτοsuch
adjective2-1-2 patterntoioutos, toiauth, toiouto
τόποςτόπου, ὁplacenoun2nd declension masculinetopos topounew
τοσοῦτοιτοσαύται, τοσαῦταso manyadjective2-1-2 patterntosoutoi, tosautai, tosauta
τοσοῦτοςτοσαύτη, τοσοῦτοso great
adjective2-1-2 patterntosoutos, tosauth, tosouto
τρεῖςτρεῖς, τρίαthree
cardinaltreis, treis, tria
τρέχωδραμοῦμαι, ἔδραμονI run
verbactivestrongtrexw, dramoumai, edramon
τρίτοςτρίτη, τρίτονthird
adjective2-1-2 patterntritos, trith, triton
τύχητύχης, ἡchance, luck, fortune (good or bad)
noun1st declension femininetuxh, tuxhs, h
ὕδωρὕδατος, τόwater
noun3rd declension neuterudwr, udatos, to
υἱόςυἱοῦ, ὁson
noun2nd declension masculineuios, uiou, o
ὕληὕλης, ἡwood, forest
noun1st declension feminineulh, ulhs, h
ὑμεῖςὑμῶνyou (plural)
pronounumeis, umwn
ὑμέτεροςὑμετέρα, ὑμέτερονyour
adjective2-1-2 patternumeteros, umetera, umeteron
ὑπέρ (+gen)on behalf of
prepositionuper (+gen)
ὑπισχνέομαιὑποσχήσομαι, ὑπεσχόμηνI promise
verbmiddlestrongupisxneomai, uposxhsomai, upesxomhn
ὕπνοςὕπνου, ὁsleep
noun2nd declension masculineupnos, upnou, o
ὑπό (+gen)by (agent of passive verbs)
prepositionupo (+gen)
ὑѱηλόςὑѱηλή, ὑѱηλόνhigh
adjective2-1-2 patternuyhlos, uyhlh, uyhlon
φαίνομαιφανοῦμαι, ἐφάνηνI seem, appear
verbmiddlem to pfainomai, fanoumai, efanhn
φέρωοἴσω, ἤνεγκα, ἠνέχθηνI carry, bear, endure
verbactivestrongferw, oisw, hnegka, hnexqhn
φεύγωφεύξομαι, ἔφυγονI run away
verbactivestrongfeugw, feucomai, efugon
φημίφήσω, ἔφην (impf)I say
verbirregularfhmi, fhsw, efhn (impf)
φιλέωφιλήσω, ἐφίλησα, ἐφιλήθηνI love, like
verbactivefilew, filhsw, efilhsa, efilhqhn
φίληφίλης, ἡ(female) friendnoun1st declension femininefilh filhsnew
φίλοςφίλου, ὁfriend
noun2nd declension masculinefilos, filou, o
φοβέομαιφοβήσομαι, ἐφοβήθηνI am afraid, fear
verbmiddlem to pfobeomai, fobhsomai, efobhqhn
φόβοςφόβου, ὁfear
noun2nd declension masculinefobos, fobou, o
φονεύωφονεύσω, ἐφονεύσα, ἐφονεύθηνI murder, kill
verbactivefoneuw, foneusw, efoneusa, efoneuqhn
φύλαξφύλακος, ὁguard
noun3rd declension masculinefulac, fulakos, o
φυλάσσωφυλάξω, ἐφύλαξα, ἐφυλάχθηνI guard
verbactivefulassw, fulacw, efulaca, efulaxqhn
φωνήφωνῆς, ἡvoice
noun1st declension femininefwnh, fwnhs, h
χαλεπόςχαλεπή, χαλεπόνdifficult
adjective2-1-2 patternxalepos, xaleph, xalepon
χειμώνχειμῶνος, ὁstorm, winter
noun3rd declension masculinexeimwn, xeimwnos, o
χείρχειρός, ἡhand
noun3rd declension femininexeir, xeiros, h
χράομαιχρήσομαι, ἐχρησάμην (+dat)I use
verbmiddlexraomai, xrhsomai, exrhsamhn (+dat)
χρή (+acc)it is necessary for
verbimpersonalxrh (+acc)
χρῆματαχρημάτων, τάmoney, goods, property
noun3rd declension neuterxrhmata, xrhmatwn
χρησιμόςχρησιμή, χρησιμόνusefuladjective2-1-2 patternxrhsimos xrhsimh xrhsimonnew
χρόνοςχρόνου, ὁtime
noun2nd declension masculinexronos, xronou
χρυσόςχρυσοῦ, ὁgold
noun2nd declension masculinexrusos, xrusou
χώραχώρας, ἡcountry, land
noun1st declension femininexwra, xwras
o... (addressing someone)
ὡςas, when, because
ὡς τάχιστα (or other superlative)as quickly as possibleadverbws taxista
ὥστεthat, so that, with the result that

AS Latin (from 2016)

LatinInfoEnglishCategorySub-categoryFilter by Level
a, ab (+ ablative)from, bypreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
absumabesse, afui be absent, be away, be distantverbirregularGCSE
ac, atqueandconjunctionGCSE
accidoaccidere, accidi happenverb3rd conjugationGCSE
accipioaccipere, accepi, acceptus accept, take in, receive, hearverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
aceracris, acre keen, sharp, fierceadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
aciesaciei, f line, battle line, armynoun5th declension m./f.non-GCSE
ad(+ accusative)to, towards, at, about, nearpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
addoaddere, addidi, additus add, joinverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
adeoso much, so greatly, to such an extentadverbGCSE
adhuctill now, stilladverbnon-GCSE
adimoadimere, ademi, ademptus take away, removeverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
adipiscoradipisci, adeptus sum (3)obtainverbdeponentnon-GCSE
adiuvoadiuvare, adiuvi, adiutus helpverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
adsumadesse, adfui be here, be presentverbirregularGCSE
adulescensadulescentis, m youth, young mannoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
advenioadvenire, adveni arriveverb4th conjugationGCSE
adversusagainst, oppositeadverbnon-GCSE
adversus(+ accusative)against, towardspreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
aedificiumaedificii, nbuildingnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
aedificoaedificare, aedificavi, aedificatus buildverb1st conjugationGCSE
aequusaequa, aequum equal, fair, favourable, calmadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
ageragri, m field, land, territorynoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
aggredioraggredi, aggressus sum (3)attack, approachverbdeponentnon-GCSE
agmenagminis, n column of men, armynoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
agoagere, egi, actus do, act, driveverb3rd conjugationGCSE
alii...aliisome ... otherspronounGCSE
aliquisaliquidsomeone, something, anyone, anythingpronounnon-GCSE
aliusalia, aliud other, one, another, elsepronounGCSE
alteraltera, alterum the other, one (of two), another, a secondpronounGCSE
altusalta, altum high, deepadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
ambuloambulare, ambulavi walkverb1st conjugationGCSE
amicaamicae fgirl-friend, female friendnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
amicusamici mfriendnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
amittoamittere, amisi, amissus loseverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
amoamare, amavi, amatus love, likeverb1st conjugationGCSE
amoramoris, m lovenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
ancillaancillae, fslave-girl, slave-womannoun1st declensionGCSE
angustusangusta, angustum narrow, confinedadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
animadvertoanimadvertere, animadverti, animadversusnotice, observeverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
animusanimi, m spirit, soul, mind, couragenoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
annusanni, m yearnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
ante(+ accusative)before, in front ofpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
anteabefore, previouslyadverbGCSE
aperioaperire, aperui, apertus open, reveal, discloseverb4th conjugationnon-GCSE
appareoapparere, apparui appearverb2nd conjugationGCSE
appropinquoappropinquare, appropinquavi (+ dative)approach, come near toverb1st conjugationGCSE
apud(+ accusative)among, at the house of, according to, in the opinion ofpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
aquaaquae, f waternoun1st declensionGCSE
aquilaaquilae, f eagle, standardnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
araarae, f altarnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
arborarboris, f treenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
arcessoarcessere, arcessivi, arcessitus summon, send forverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
argentumargenti, n silver, moneynoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
armaarmorum, n pl arms, weapons, armournoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
arsartis, f art, skillnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
ascendoascendere, ascendi, ascensus climb, go upverb3rd conjugationGCSE
attonitusattonita, attonitum astonished, thunder-struckadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
audaxaudacisbold, daringadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
audeoaudere, ausus sum dareverbsemi-deponentGCSE
audioaudire, audivi, auditus hear, listen toverb4th conjugationGCSE
auferoauferre, abstuli, ablatus take away, carry off, stealverb3rd conjugationGCSE
augeoaugere, auxi, auctus increase, exaggerateverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
autor, eitherconjunctionnon-GCSE
autembut, howeverconjunctionGCSE
auxiliumauxilii, n help; (pl ) (auxiliary) troopsnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
bellumbelli, n warnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
bellum inferre(+ dative)make war onverbphrasenon-GCSE
beneficiumbeneficii, n kindness, service, favournoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
bibobibere, bibidrinkverb3rd conjugationGCSE
bonabonorum, n pl goods, possessions, propertynoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
bonusbona, bonum goodadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
brevisbreveshort, briefadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
cadocadere, cecidi, casus fall, perishverb3rd conjugationGCSE
caedescaedis, f slaughter, killing, murdernoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
caelumcaeli, n sky, heavennoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
campuscampi, m plain, fieldnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
caniscanis, m and f dognoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
canocanere, cecini, cantus sing, sound, play (of trumpets etc.)verb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
capiocapere, cepi, captus (in compounds -cipio)take, catch, captureverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
captivuscaptivi, m captive, prisonernoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
caputcapitis, n head, person, life, capitalnoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
caruscara, carum dearadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
castracastrorum, n pl campnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
causacausae, f cause, reason, casenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
causa + genfor the sake ofprepositionnon-GCSE
caveocavere, cavi, cautus beware (of), take careverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
cedocedere, cessi, cessus yield, give up; (in compounds) goverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
celerceleris, celere quickadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
celocelare, celavi, celatus hide, concealverb1st conjugationGCSE
cenacenae, fdinner, mealnoun1st declensionGCSE
centuriocenturionis, m centurionnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
cernocernere, crevi, cretus see, perceive, decreeverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
certamencertaminis, n contest, battle, strugglenoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
certiorem facereinformverbphrasenon-GCSE
certuscerta, certum certain, sure, fixedadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
cetericeterae, cetera the rest, the otheradjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
cibuscibi, m foodnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
cingocingere, cinxi, cinctus surround, enclose, girdverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
circum, circa (+ accusative)around, aboutpreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
civiscivis, m and f citizennoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
civitascivitatis, f citizenship, state, city, tribenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
cladescladis, f disaster, loss, defeatnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
clamoclamare, clamavi, clamatus shout, exclaim, proclaimverb1st conjugationGCSE
clamorclamoris, m shout, uproar, noisenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
clarusclara, clarum clear, famous, distinguishedadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
coepicoepisse, coeptus beganverbirregularGCSE
cogitocogitare, cogitavi, cogitatus think, considerverb1st conjugationGCSE
cognoscocognoscere, cognovi, cognitus get to know, find out, learnverb3rd conjugationGCSE
cogocogere, coegi, coactus force, compel, drive, assembleverb3rd conjugationGCSE
cohorscohortis, f cohort, companynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
colocolere, colui, cultus cultivate, worship, honourverb3rd conjugationGCSE
comescomitis, m and f comrade, companionnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
committocommittere, commisi, commissus commit, fight, begin (battle)verb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
comparocomparare, comparavi, comparatusprepare, provide, obtain, compareverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
condemnocondemnare, condemnavi, condemnatusconvict, condemnverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
condocondere, condidi, conditus found, establish, hideverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
conferoconferre, contuli, conlatus collect, compare, contribute, bestowverbirregularnon-GCSE
conficioconficere, confeci, confectus complete, wear outverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
confidoconfidere, confisus sum (+ dative) trust, believe, have confidence (in)verbsemi-deponentnon-GCSE
coniunxconiugis, m and f husband, wife, spousenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
conorconari, conatus sum (1)tryverbdeponentGCSE
consiliumconsilii, n council, plan, advice, prudencenoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
consistoconsistere, constiti, constitus halt, stand, stand firmverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
conspicioconspicere, conspexi, conspectusnotice, observe, seeverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
constituoconstituere, constitui, constitutus decide, establishverb3rd conjugationGCSE
consulconsulis, m consulnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
consuloconsulere, consului, consultus consult, consider, adviseverb3rd conjugationGCSE
consumoconsumere, consumpsi, consumptus eat, consume, spendverb3rd conjugationGCSE
contendocontendere, contendi, contentus hurry, march, contend, fightverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
contra(+ accusative)againstpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
copiaecopiarum, f pl troops, forces, suppliesnoun1st declensionGCSE
corpuscorporis, n bodynoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
corripiocorripere, corripui, correptus seize, carry offverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
cotidieevery day, dailyadverbnon-GCSE
credocredere, credidi, creditus (+ dative) believe, trust, entrustverb3rd conjugationGCSE
crimencriminis, n accusation, charge, crimenoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
crudeliscrudelecrueladjective3rd declension patternGCSE
culpaculpae, f fault, blamenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
cumwhen, since, althoughconjunctionGCSE
cum(+ ablative)withpreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
cunctuscuncta, cunctum all, wholeadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
cupiduscupida, cupidum (+ genitive)eager (for), greedyadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
cupiocupere, cupivi, cupitus desire, wish, wantverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
curacurae, f care, charge, anxietynoun1st declensionGCSE
curocurare, curavi, curatus care for, cure; with gerundive = get something doneverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
currocurrere, cucurri, cursus runverb3rd conjugationGCSE
custodiocustodire, custodivi, custoditus guardverb4th conjugationGCSE
custoscustodis, m and f guardnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
de(+ ablative)about, from, down frompreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
deadeae, fgoddessnoun1st declensionGCSE
debeodebere, debui, debitus owe, oughtverb2nd conjugationGCSE
decipiodecipere, decepi, deceptus deceiveverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
defendodefendere, defendi, defensus defendverb3rd conjugationGCSE
defessusdefessa, defessum tiredadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
deinde, dein then, next, afterwardsadverbnon-GCSE
deleodelere, delevi, deletus destroyverb2nd conjugationGCSE
deniqueat last, finally, in shortadverbnon-GCSE
descendodescendere, descendi, descensusdescend, come downverb3rd conjugationGCSE
desinodesinere, desii, desitus ceaseverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
desperodesperare, desperavi, desperatusdespairverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
deusdei, m godnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
dexterdextra, dextrum right, on the right, right handadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
dextradextrae, f right hand, right sidenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
dicodicere, dixi, dictus say, speak, tellverb3rd conjugationGCSE
diesdiei, m, occasionally f daynoun5th declension m./f.GCSE
difficilisdifficiledifficultadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
dignitasdignitatis, f rank, dignity, importance, honournoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
dignusdigna, dignum (+ ablative)worthy (of), deserving (of)adjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
diligensdiligentiscareful, diligentadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
dimittodimittere, dimisi, dimissus dismiss, scatterverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
dirusdira, dirum dreadfuladjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
discedodiscedere, discessi depart, leaveverb3rd conjugationGCSE
discodiscere, didici learnverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
dissimilisdissimiledifferentadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
diufor a long timeadverbGCSE
divesdivitisrichadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
dividodividere, divisi, divisus divide, separateverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
divitiaedivitiarum, f pl riches, wealthnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
dodare, dedi, datus giveverb1st conjugationGCSE
doceodocere, docui, doctus teach, informverb2nd conjugationGCSE
doleodolere, dolui hurt, be in pain, lamentverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
dolordoloris, m pain, sorrow, angernoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
dolusdoli, m trick, fraudnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
dominadominae, fmistressnoun1st declensionGCSE
dominusdomini, m masternoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
domusdomus, f house, homenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
donumdoni, n gift, presentnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
dormiodormire, dormivi sleepverb4th conjugationGCSE
dubitodubitare, dubitavi, dubitatus doubt, hesitateverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
dubiusdubia, dubium doubtful, wavering, uncertainadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
ducoducere, duxi, ductus lead, take, marry, considerverb3rd conjugationGCSE
dumwhile, until, provided thatconjunctionGCSE
durusdura, durum hard, harsh, roughadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
duxducis, m leader, general, rulernoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
e, ex (+ ablative)from, out of; (in compounds) outpreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
efficioefficere, effeci, effectus carry out, accomplishverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
effugioeffugere, effugi escapeverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
egeoegere, egui + gen or abl need, be in want of, lackverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
egomeiI, mepronounGCSE
egredioregredi, egressus sum (3)go out, come outverbdeponentGCSE
emoemere, emi, emptus buyverb3rd conjugationGCSE
eoire, i(v)i goverbirregularGCSE
epistulaepistulae, f letternoun1st declensionGCSE
equesequitis, m knight, horseman, (pl) cavalrynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
equusequi, m horsenoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
erga(+ accusative)towardspreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
erroerrare, erravi, erratus wander, make a mistakeverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
etand, bothconjunctionGCSE
etiamalso, even, stilladverbGCSE
excipioexcipere, excepi, exceptus receive, take, welcomeverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
excitoexcitare, excitavi, excitatus wake, rouse, exciteverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
exemplumexempli, n example, precedentnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
exercitusexercitus, m armynoun4th declension m./f.GCSE
exiliumexilii, n exilenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
exitiumexitii, n ruin, destructionnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
exspectoexspectare, exspectavi, exspectatuswait for, expectverb1st conjugationGCSE
extra(+ accusative)outside, beyondpreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
extraoutside, beyondadverbnon-GCSE
facilisfacileeasyadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
facinusfacinoris, n crime, outrage, deednoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
faciofacere, feci, factus (in compounds -ficiomake, doverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
fallofallere, fefelli, falsus deceive, cheatverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
famafamae, f rumour, fame, glorynoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
familiafamiliae, f family, householdnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
faveofavere, favi, (+ dative) favour, supportverb2nd conjugationGCSE
felixfelicisfortunate, happy, prosperousadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
feminafeminae, f womannoun1st declensionGCSE
ferenearly, aboutadverbnon-GCSE
feroferre, tuli, latus bear, carry, bring, sayverbirregularGCSE
feroxferocisfierce, cruel, braveadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
ferrumferri, n iron, swordnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
festinofestinare, festinavi hurryverb1st conjugationGCSE
fidelisfideletrustworthy, faithful, loyaladjective3rd declension patternGCSE
fidesfidei, f trust, faith, confidence, loyaltynoun5th declension m./f.non-GCSE
fidofidere, fisus sum (+ dative or ablative)trust, rely uponverbsemi-deponentnon-GCSE
filiafiliae, fdaughternoun1st declensionGCSE
filiusfilii, m sonnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
finisfinis, m end, boundary, pl territorynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
fiofieri, factus sumbecome, be made, happenverbirregularnon-GCSE
flammaflammae, f blaze, flame, passionnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
flumenfluminis, n rivernoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
foedusfoederis, n treaty, agreementnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
forteby chanceadverbGCSE
fortisfortebrave, strong, boldadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
fortunafortunae, f fate, luck, fortune (good or bad)noun1st declensionnon-GCSE
forumfori, n forum, market placenoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
frangofrangere, fregi, fractus break, crushverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
fraterfratris, m brothernoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
frigusfrigoris, n coldnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
frumentumfrumenti, n corn, grainnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
frustrain vainadverbGCSE
fugafugae, f flight, escapenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
fugiofugere, fugi flee, run away (from), avoidverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
fundofundere, fudi, fusus pour, shed, routverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
furorfuroris, m rage, fury, madness, passionnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
gaudeogaudere, gavisus sum rejoiceverbsemi-deponentGCSE
gaudiumgaudii, n joy, delightnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
gensgentis, f race, people, family, tribe, nationnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
genusgeneris, n race, descent, birth, kindnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
gerogerere, gessi, gestus bear, wear, wage war, manageverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
gladiusgladii, m swordnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
gratiagratiae, f favour, thanks, esteemnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
gratias ago(+ dative)thank, give thanksverbphrasenon-GCSE
gravisgraveheavy, serious, painful, importantadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
habeohabere, habui, habitus have, hold, considerverb2nd conjugationGCSE
habitohabitare, habitavi, habitatus live, dwellverb1st conjugationGCSE
hastahastae, f spearnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
hichaec, hoc thispronounGCSE
hiemshiemis, f winter, stormnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
hincfrom here, hence, henceforthadverbnon-GCSE
homohominis, m man, personnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
honorhonoris, m honour, esteem, glorynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
horahorae, f hournoun1st declensionGCSE
hortorhortari, hortatus sum (1)urge, encourageverbdeponentGCSE
hortushorti, mgardennoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
hospeshospitis, m guest, hostnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
hostishostis, m enemynoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
huchere, to this placeadverbnon-GCSE
humushumi, f ground, earthnoun2nd declenion femininenon-GCSE
iaceoiacere, iacui lie (down)verb2nd conjugationGCSE
iacioiacere, ieci, iactus (in compounds -icio)throwverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
iamnow, alreadyadverbGCSE
ibithere, thenadverbGCSE
idemeadem, idem the samepronounGCSE
idoneusidonea, idoneum suitable, convenientadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
igiturtherefore, and soadverbGCSE
ignisignis, m firenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
ignoroignorare, ignoravi, ignoratus do not know, be ignorant, misunderstandverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
illeilla, illud that, he, she, itpronounGCSE
impedioimpedire, impedivi, impeditus delay, hinder, prevent, hamperverb4th conjugationnon-GCSE
imperatorimperatoris, m emperor, general, leadernoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
imperiumimperii, n command, power, empirenoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
imperoimperare, imperavi, imperatus (+ dative)order, commandverb1st conjugationGCSE
impetusimpetus, m attack, impulsenoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
in(+ accusative)into, onto, against, towardspreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
in(+ ablative)in, onpreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
incendiumincendii, nfirenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
incendoincendere, incendi, incensus burn, set on fire, inflame, rouseverb3rd conjugationGCSE
incipioincipere, incepi, inceptus beginverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
incitoincitare, incitavi, incitatus urge on, arouse, encourageverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
indefrom there, thereupon, nextadverbnon-GCSE
inferoinferre, intuli, illatus/inlatus inflict, bring to, cause, carry againstverbirregularnon-GCSE
infrabelow, beneathadverbnon-GCSE
infra(+ accusative)below, beneathpreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
ingeniumingenii, n character, abilitynoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
ingensingentishugeadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
ingredioringredi, ingressus sum (3)enter, undertakeverbdeponentGCSE
inimicusinimici, m (personal) enemynoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
iniquusiniqua, iniquum unfair, unjust, unfavourableadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
initiuminitii, n beginningnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
iniuriainiuriae, f injustice, injury, wrongnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
inopiainopiae, f shortage, lack, povertynoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
inquaminquit, inquiunt sayverbirregularnon-GCSE
insidiaeinsidiarum, f pl ambush, trap, tricknoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
insignisinsignedistinguished, gloriousadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
inspicioinspicere, inspexi, inspectus look at, inspect, examineverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
instruoinstruere, instruxi, instructus draw up, prepare, equip, supplyverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
insulainsulae, f island, block (of apartments)noun1st declensionGCSE
intellegointellegere, intellexi, intellectus understand, perceive, realiseverb3rd conjugationGCSE
inter(+ accusative)between, amongpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
interea, interimmeanwhile, in the meantimeadverbnon-GCSE
interficiointerficere, interfeci, interfectus killverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
intra(+ accusative)inside, withinpreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
introintrare, intravi, intratus enterverb1st conjugationGCSE
invenioinvenire, inveni, inventus find, discoververb4th conjugationGCSE
invitoinvitare, invitavi, invitatus inviteverb1st conjugationGCSE
invitusinvita, invitum unwillling, reluctantadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
ipseipsa, ipsum (-self)pronounGCSE
irairae, f angernoun1st declensionGCSE
iratusirata, iratum angryadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
isea, id this, that, he, she, itpronounGCSE
itain this way, so, thusadverbGCSE
ita veroyesadverbnon-GCSE
itaqueand so, thereforeadverbGCSE
iteritineris, n journey, march, waynoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
iubeoiubere, iussi, iussus order, commandverb2nd conjugationGCSE
iudexiudicis, m and f judge, jurornoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
iungoiungere, iunxi, iunctus join, unite, fastenverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
iustusiusta, iustum right, just, lawful, completeadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
iuvenisiuveneyoungadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
iuvenisiuvenis, myoung man, youngnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
iuvoiuvare, iuvi, iutus help, pleaseverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
laborlabi, lapsus sum (3)glide, slip, fallverbdeponentnon-GCSE
laborlaboris, m work, toil, troublenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
laborolaborare, laboraviwork, toil, be in difficultyverb1st conjugationGCSE
laedolaedere, laesi, laesus hurt, injure, harmverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
laetuslaeta, laetum happy, gladadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
latuslata, latum wide, broadadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
latuslateris, n side, wingnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
laudolaudare, laudavi, laudatus praiseverb1st conjugationGCSE
lauslaudis, f praise, honour, creditnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
legatuslegati, m (legionary) commander, ambassador, envoynoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
legiolegionis, f legionnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
legolegere, legi, lectus read, chooseverb3rd conjugationGCSE
lentuslenta, lentum slowadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
levislevelight, slightadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
lexlegis, f lawnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
libenslibentiswilling, gladadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
liberlibera, liberum freeadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
liberlibri, m booknoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
liberiliberorum, m pl childrennoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
liberoliberare, liberavi, liberatus set freeverb1st conjugationGCSE
libertaslibertatis, f freedomnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
libertusliberti, m freedman, ex-slavenoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
licetlicere, licuit (+ dative) it is allowedverbimpersonalnon-GCSE
litteralitterae, f (usually pl. with sg. meaning)letternoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
lituslitoris, n sea-shore, beachnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
locusloci, m place, position, situation, opportunitynoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
longuslonga, longum longadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
loquorloqui, locutus sum (3)speak, talkverbdeponentGCSE
luxlucis, f light, daylightnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
magis(comparative)more, ratheradverbGCSE
magistermagistri, m teacher, masternoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
magnoperevery much, greatlyadverbGCSE
magnusmagna, magnum big, large, greatadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
malomalle, malui preferverbirregularGCSE
malusmala, malum evil, badadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
mandomandare, mandavi, mandatus commit, entrust, commandverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
manein the morning, earlyadverbnon-GCSE
maneomanere, mansi remain, stayverb2nd conjugationGCSE
manusmanus, f hand, bandnoun4th declension m./f.GCSE
maremaris, n seanoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
maritusmariti, mhusbandnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
matermatris, f mothernoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
me recipioretreat, withdrawverbphrasenon-GCSE
mediusmedia, medium middle (of)adjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
mensmentis, f mindnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
mensismensis, m monthnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
mercatormercatoris, mmerchantnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
metusmetus, mfearnoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
meusmea, meum myadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
milesmilitis, m soldiernoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
mille passus (pl milia passuum)milenoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
minorminari, minatus sum (1) (+ dative) threatenverbdeponentnon-GCSE
mirabilismirabilestrange, wonderfuladjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
mirormirari, miratus sum (1)wonder at, admireverbdeponentGCSE
misermisera, miserum miserable, wretched, sadadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
mittomittere, misi, missus send, throw, let goverb3rd conjugationGCSE
modojust now, onlyadverbnon-GCSE
modusmodi, m manner, way, kindnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
moeniamoenium, n pl city walls, citynoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
moneomonere, monui, monitus warn, advise, teachverb2nd conjugationGCSE
monsmontis, m mountainnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
monstromonstrare, monstravi, monstratusshow, point out, indicate, instructverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
moramorae, f delaynoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
morbusmorbi, m sickness, diseasenoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
moriormori, mortuus sum (3)dieverbdeponentGCSE
morormorari, moratus sum (1)delay, lingerverbdeponentnon-GCSE
morsmortis, f deathnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
mosmoris, m habit, custom, (pl) character, moralsnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
moveomovere, movi, motus moveverb2nd conjugationGCSE
muliermulieris, f womannoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
multitudomultitudinis, f crowd, multitudenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
multusmulta, multum much, manyadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
muniomunire, munivi, munitus fortify, defend, guardverb4th conjugationnon-GCSE
munusmuneris, n service, duty, presentnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
murusmuri, m wall, rampartnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
mutomutare, mutavi, mutatus change, alterverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
narronarrare, narravi, narratustell, relateverb1st conjugationGCSE
nascornasci, natus sum (3)am bornverbdeponentnon-GCSE
naturanaturae, f naturenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
nautanautae, m sailornoun1st declensionGCSE
navem solvoset sailverbphrasenon-GCSE
navigonavigare, navigavi sailverb1st conjugationGCSE
navisnavis, f shipnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
navis longawarshipnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
navis onerariamerchant shipnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
nelest, that notconjunctionGCSE
ne (suffix)(introduces question)interrogativeGCSE
ne ... quidemnot ... evenadverbnon-GCSE
nec, neque and not, nor, neitherconjunctionGCSE
neconecare, necavi, necatus killverb1st conjugationGCSE
neglegoneglegere, neglexi, neglectus neglect, disregardverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
negonegare, negavi, negatus say no, deny, refuse, say that ...notverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
negotiumnegotii, n businessnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
nemonulliusno one, nobodynounirregularGCSE
nescionescire, nescivi not knowverb4th conjugationGCSE
nisiunless, if not, exceptconjunctionGCSE
nobilisnobilenoble, famousadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
noceonocere, nocui (+ dative) hurt, harmverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
noctuby nightadverbnon-GCSE
nolonolle, nolui not want, be unwilling, refuseverbirregularGCSE
nomennominis, n namenoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
non iamno longeradverbnon-GCSE
nondumnot yetadverbnon-GCSE
nonnullinonnullae, nonnulla some, severaladjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
nosnostrum / nostriwe, uspronounGCSE
nosternostra, nostrum ourpronounGCSE
notusnota, notum known, well-known, famousadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
novinotus (perfect with present meaning)knowverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
novusnova, novum new, fresh, recentadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
noxnoctis, f nightnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
nullusnulla, nullum no, none, not anyadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
numsurely…not?, whetherinterrogativeGCSE
numerusnumeri, m numbernoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
nuntionuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatus announce, reportverb1st conjugationGCSE
nuntiusnuntii, m messenger, message, newsnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
ob(+ accusative)because of, on account ofpreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
obliviscoroblivisci, oblitus sum (3)forgetverbdeponentnon-GCSE
obsesobsidis m and fhostagenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
obsideoobsidere, obsedi, obsessus besiege, blockadeverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
obviam eoire, i(v)i (+ dative) meet, go to meet, oppose, resistverbphrasenon-GCSE
occasiooccasionis, f opportunity, occasionnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
occidooccidere, occidi, occisus killverb3rd conjugationGCSE
occupooccupare, occupavi, occupatus seize, take possession of, occupyverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
oculusoculi, m eyenoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
odiodisse (perfect with present meaning)hateverbirregularnon-GCSE
odio est(+ dative)be hated byverbphrasenon-GCSE
odiumodii, n hatrednoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
offeroofferre, obtuli, oblatus present, offerverbirregularGCSE
officiumofficii, n duty, task, functionnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
olimonce, formerly, one dayadverbGCSE
omittoomittere, omisi, omissus neglect, disregard, make no mention ofverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
omninoaltogether, at all, entirelyadverbnon-GCSE
omnisomneall, everyadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
onusoneris, n burden, loadnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
operaoperae, f work, effort, attention, troublenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
operam doI take pains, give attention (to)verbphrasenon-GCSE
oportetoportere, oportuit be necessary, ought, mustverbimpersonalnon-GCSE
oppidumoppidi, n townnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
opprimoopprimere, oppressi, oppressus overwhelm, crush, weigh downverb3rd conjugationGCSE
oppugnooppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatusattackverb1st conjugationGCSE
opsopis, f help; (pl) resources, richesnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
opusoperis, n work, toil, constructionnoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
opus estesse, fuit (+ ablative)there is need (of)verbimpersonalnon-GCSE
oraorae, f coastnoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
oratioorationis, f speechnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
ordoordinis, m rank, order, linenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
oriororiri, ortus sum (4)rise, start, originateverbdeponentnon-GCSE
ornoornare, ornavi, ornatus adorn, decorate, provide, equipverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
oroorare, oravi, oratus begverb1st conjugationGCSE
osoris, n mouth, facenoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
ostendoostendere, ostendi, ostentus show, point out, indicateverb3rd conjugationGCSE
otiumotii, n leisure, idleness, peacenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
paenealmost, nearlyadverbGCSE
parparisequaladjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
parcoparcere, peperci (+ dative) spareverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
parensparentis, m and f parent; (pl) relationsnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
pareoparere, parui (+ dative) obeyverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
parioparere, peperi, partus bear (a child), win, acquire, gain, secureverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
paroparare, paravi, paratus prepare, provideverb1st conjugationGCSE
parspartis, f part, some, directionnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
parvusparva, parvum smalladjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
passimin all directions, far and wide, everywhereadverbnon-GCSE
passuspassus, m pacenoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
paterpatris, m fathernoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
patiorpati, passus sum (3)suffer, endure, allowverbdeponentGCSE
patriapatriae, f homeland, native landnoun1st declensionGCSE
paucipaucae, pauca few, a fewadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
paulatimgradually, little by littleadverbnon-GCSE
paulisperfor a short timeadverbnon-GCSE
paulum, paulo a little, somewhatadverbnon-GCSE
pauperpauperispooradjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
paxpacis, f peacenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
pecuniapecuniae, f moneynoun1st declensionGCSE
pedem/me referoretreatverbphrasenon-GCSE
pedespeditis, m infantrynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
pellopellere, pepuli, pulsus push, drive, routverb3rd conjugationGCSE
per(+ accusative)through, throughout, alongpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
perdoperdere, perdidi, perditus destroy, loseverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
pereoperire, perii die, perish, be ruinedverbirregularGCSE
perficioperficere, perfeci, perfectus bring about, complete, perfectverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
periculumpericuli, n dangernoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
peritusperita, peritum + gen or abl skilled (in)adjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
permittopermittere, permisi, permissus hand over, entrust, permit, allowverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
persuadeopersuadere, persuasi (+ dative) persuade, convinceverb2nd conjugationGCSE
perterritusperterrita, perterritum very frightened, terrifiedadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
perveniopervenire, perveni reach, arriveverb4th conjugationGCSE
pespedis, m footnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
petopetere, petivi, petitus seek, ask for, make for, attackverb3rd conjugationGCSE
pilumpili, n javelinnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
placetplacere, placuit (+ dative) it pleases, suits, it is resolvedverbimpersonalnon-GCSE
plebsplebis, f the people, common peoplenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
plenusplena, plenum full, filledadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
pleriquepleraeque, pleraque most, the majorityadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
poenapoenae, f punishment, penaltynoun1st declensionGCSE
poenas dopay the penalty, am punishedverbphraseGCSE
polliceorpolliceri, pollicitus sum (2)promiseverbdeponentnon-GCSE
ponoponere, posui, positus put, place, set up (camp)verb3rd conjugationGCSE
ponspontis, m bridgenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
populuspopuli, m people, nationnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
portaportae, f gatenoun1st declensionGCSE
portoportare, portavi, portatus carry, bear, takeverb1st conjugationGCSE
portusportus, m harbour, portnoun4th declension m./f.GCSE
poscoposcere, poposci demand, ask forverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
possumposse, potui can, be ableverbirregularGCSE
post(+ accusative)behind, afterpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
postafterwards, nextadverbnon-GCSE
posteaafterwards, thenadverbGCSE
postquamafter, whenconjunctionGCSE
postremuspostrema, postremum lastadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
postridieon the next dayadverbGCSE
postulopostulare, postulavi, postulatus demand, askverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
potenspotentispowerfuladjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
potestaspotestatis, f power, authority, opportunitynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
potiorpotiri, potitus sum (+ genitive or ablative)seize, get possession ofverb4th conjugationnon-GCSE
potiusrather, moreadverbnon-GCSE
praebeopraebere, praebui, praebitus provide, give, show, offerverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
praedapraedae, f booty, plundernoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
praeficiopraeficere, praefeci, praefectus put in charge (of)verb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
praemiumpraemii, n prize, rewardnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
praesidiumpraesidii, n protection, garrison, fortificationnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
praesumpraeesse, praefui (+ dative) be in charge ofverbirregularnon-GCSE
praeter(+ accusative)beyond, except, besidespreposition(+ accusative)non-GCSE
praetereabesides, moreover, in additionadverbnon-GCSE
praetorpraetoris, m praetor (acted as judge or governor)noun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
precorprecari, precatus sum (1)pray, pray to, begverbdeponentGCSE
pretiumpretii, n price, valuenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
primusprima, primum first, chiefadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
princepsprincipis, m emperor, chief, chieftainnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
priorpriorisprevious, formeradjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
priusbefore, previouslyadverbnon-GCSE
priusquambefore, untilconjunctionnon-GCSE
pro(+ ablative)in front of, for, on behalf of, in return forpreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
procedoprocedere, processi advance, proceedverb3rd conjugationGCSE
proculfar away, distantadverbnon-GCSE
prodoprodere, prodidi, proditus betray, surrenderverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
proeliumproelii, n battlenoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
proficiscorproficisci, profectus sum (3)set out, departverbdeponentGCSE
progrediorprogredi, progressus sum (3)advance, proceedverbdeponentGCSE
promittopromittere, promisi, promissus promiseverb3rd conjugationGCSE
prope(+ accusative)nearpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
propter(+ accusative)on account of, because ofpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
provinciaprovinciae, f provincenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
proximusproxima, proximum nearest, next, lastadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
publicuspublica, publicum public, commonadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
pudorpudoris, m shame, modesty, honour, disgracenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
puellapuellae, f girlnoun1st declensionGCSE
puerpueri, m boynoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
pugnapugnae, f fight, battlenoun1st declensionGCSE
pugnopugnare, pugnavi fightverb1st conjugationGCSE
puniopunire, punivi, punitus punishverb4th conjugationGCSE
putoputare, putavi, putatus think, consider, reckonverb1st conjugationGCSE
quaeroquaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus search for, ask for, ask, inquireverb3rd conjugationGCSE
qualis?qualewhat sort of?interrogative3rd declension patternGCSE
quam(+ superlative)as ... as possibleadverbGCSE
quamhow, than, asadverbGCSE
quantus?quanta, quantum how big? how much?interrogative2-1-2 patternGCSE
quasias if, just as, nearlyadverbnon-GCSE
que (suffix)andconjunctionGCSE
querorqueri, questus sum (3)complainverbdeponentnon-GCSE
quiquae, quod who, which, thatpronounGCSE
quidamquaedam, quoddam one, a certain, somepronounGCSE
quidemindeed, in fact, howeveradverbnon-GCSE
quiesquietis, f rest, peace, quietnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
quis?quidwho? what? anypronounGCSE
quisquamquicquamanyone, anythingpronounnon-GCSE
quisquequaeque, quidque each, each one, everypronounnon-GCSE
quisquisquicquidwhoever, whateverpronounnon-GCSE
quo?where to?interrogativeGCSE
quoadas long as, untilconjunctionnon-GCSE
quodbecause, (as to) the fact thatconjunctionGCSE
quod sibut ifconjunctionnon-GCSE
quomodo?how? in what way?interrogativeGCSE
quoquealso, tooconjunctionGCSE
quot?how many?interrogativeindeclinableGCSE
quotiens?how often? as often asinterrogativenon-GCSE
rapiorapere, rapui, raptus seize, grab, carry off, plunderverb5th (mixed) conjugationGCSE
ratiorationis, f account, reckoning, manner, reasonnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
recensrecentisrecent, freshadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
recipiorecipere, recepi, receptus regain, receive, welcomeverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
recitorecitare, recitavi, recitatus recite, read aloudverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
rectusrecta, rectum straight, direct, right, properadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
reddoreddere, reddidi, redditus give back, restore, hand over, makeverb3rd conjugationGCSE
redeoredire, redii return, go back, come backverbirregularGCSE
referoreferre, rettuli, relatus bring back, report, referverbirregularGCSE
reficioreficere, refeci, refectus repair, restore, refreshverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
reginareginae, f queennoun1st declensionGCSE
regnumregni, n kingdom, reign, rulenoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
regoregere, rexi, rectus rule, directverb3rd conjugationGCSE
regrediorregredi, regressus sum (3)go back, returnverbdeponentGCSE
relinquorelinquere, reliqui, relictus leave, leave behind, abandonverb3rd conjugationGCSE
reliquusreliqua, reliquum the rest of, the otheradjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
resrei, f thing, affair, matter, businessnoun5th declension m./f.GCSE
res publicarei publicae, f state, republicnoun5th declension m./f.non-GCSE
resistoresistere, restiti (+ dative) resist, opposeverb3rd conjugationGCSE
respondeorespondere, respondi, responsus answer, replyverb2nd conjugationGCSE
responsumresponsi, n answer, replynoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
retineoretinere, retinui, retentus hold back, restrain, keepverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
rexregis, m kingnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
riparipae, f banknoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
rogorogare, rogavi, rogatus ask, ask forverb1st conjugationGCSE
rumporumpere, rupi, ruptus break, burst, break throughverb3rd conjugationGCSE
rursusback, againadverbnon-GCSE
rusruris, n country, countrysidenoun3rd declension neuternon-GCSE
sacerdossacerdotis, m and f priest, priestessnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
saevussaeva, saevum savage, crueladjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
salussalutis, f health, safety, greetingnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
salutosalutare, salutavi, salutatus greet, saluteverb1st conjugationGCSE
sanguissanguinis, m bloodnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
sapienssapientiswise, sensibleadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
sapientiasapientiae, f wisdom, good sensenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
satisenoughadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
scelussceleris, n crime, wickednessnoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
scioscire, scivi, scitus knowverb4th conjugationGCSE
scriboscribere, scripsi, scriptus writeverb3rd conjugationGCSE
scutumscuti, n shieldnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
sesuihimself, herself, itself, themselvespronounGCSE
secundussecunda, secundum following, next, second, favourableadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
sedessedis, f seat, temple, homenoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
senatorsenatoris, m senatornoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
senatussenatus, m senatenoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
senexsenis, m old mannoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
sententiasententiae, f opinion, judgement, sentencenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
sentiosentire, sensi, sensus feel, notice, hear, judgeverb4th conjugationGCSE
sequorsequi, secutus sum (3)follow, pursue, attendverbdeponentGCSE
servoservare, servavi, servatus save, protect, keepverb1st conjugationGCSE
servusservi, m slavenoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
sicthus, in this wayadverbGCSE
sicutjust as, like, as, as ifadverbnon-GCSE
signa inferreattack, chargeverbphrasenon-GCSE
signumsigni, n sign, signal, standardnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
silentiumsilentii, n silencenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
silvasilvae, f wood, forestnoun1st declensionGCSE
similissimilesimilar, likeadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
simulat the same time, togetheradverbGCSE
simulac, simulatqueas soon asconjunctionGCSE
sine(+ ablative)withoutpreposition(+ ablative)GCSE
sinistersinistra, sinistrumleft, on the left, unfavourableadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
sinistrasinistrae, f left hand, left sidenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
sinosinere, sivi, situs allow, permitverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
sive, seu or if, whetherconjunctionnon-GCSE
sociussocii, m ally, comrade, companionnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
solsolis, m sun, sunlightnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
soleosolere, solitus sum be accustomedverbsemi-deponentGCSE
solussola, solum alone, only, lonely, singleadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
solvosolvere, solvi, solutus loose, payverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
somnussomni, m sleepnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
sonussoni, m noise, soundnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
sororsororis, f sisternoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
spatiumspatii, n interval, space, distancenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
spectospectare, spectavi, spectatus look at, watchverb1st conjugationGCSE
spernospernere, sprevi, spretus despise, reject, scornverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
sperosperare, speravi, speratus hope, expectverb1st conjugationGCSE
spesspei, f hopenoun5th declension m./f.GCSE
spoliumspolii, n booty, spoil(s)noun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
statimat once, immediatelyadverbGCSE
statuostatuere, statui, statutus fix, determine, decide, arrangeverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
stostare, steti stand, stand firmverb1st conjugationGCSE
studiumstudii, n eagerness, study, devotionnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
stultusstulta, stultum stupid, foolishadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
sub(+ ablative or accusative)under, beneath; up topreposition(+ ablative or accusative)GCSE
sumesse, fui beverbirregularGCSE
summussumma, summum highest, greatest, top (of)adjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
sumosumere, sumpsi, sumptus take, take upverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
superosuperare, superavi, superatus overcome, overpowerverb1st conjugationGCSE
supersumsuperesse, superfui (+ dative)be left, remain, surviveverbirregularnon-GCSE
superussupera, superum upper, higheradjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
surgosurgere, surrexi get up, stand up, riseverb3rd conjugationGCSE
suscipiosuscipere, suscepi, susceptus take up, undertake, begin, bearverb5th (mixed) conjugationnon-GCSE
suspicorsuspicari, suspicatus sum (1)mistrust, suspectverbdeponentnon-GCSE
suussua, suum his (own), her (own), its (own), their (own)pronounGCSE
tabernatabernae, fshop, innnoun1st declensionGCSE
tacitustacita, tacitum quiet, silent, in silenceadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
talistalesuchadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
tamenhowever, nevertheless, yetadverbGCSE
tandemat last, finallyadverbGCSE
tangotangere, tetigi, tactus touchverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
tantustanta, tantum so great, such a great, so muchadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
tectumtecti, n roof, housenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
tegotegere, texi, tectus cover, protect, hideverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
telumteli, n weapon, javelin, missilenoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
tempestastempestatis, f weather, storm, timenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
templumtempli, n templenoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
tempustemporis, n timenoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
teneotenere, tenui, tentus hold, keep, maintainverb2nd conjugationGCSE
terga vertoretreatverbphrasenon-GCSE
tergumtergi, n back, rearnoun2nd declension neuternon-GCSE
terraterrae, f ground, land, earthnoun1st declensionGCSE
terreoterrere, terrui, territus frightenverb2nd conjugationGCSE
terrorterroris, m terror, panicnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
timeotimere, timui fear, be afraidverb2nd conjugationGCSE
timortimoris, m fear, anxietynoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
tollotollere, sustuli, sublatus raise, lift up, remove, destroyverb3rd conjugationGCSE
totso manyadjectiveindeclinableGCSE
totustota, totum the whole, entire, alladjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
tradotradere, tradidi, traditus hand over, entrust, hand down, surrenderverb3rd conjugationGCSE
trahotrahere, traxi, tractus pull, drag, drawverb3rd conjugationGCSE
trans(+ accusative)across, overpreposition(+ accusative)GCSE
trististristesad, gloomy, grimadjective3rd declension patternGCSE
tutuiyou (singular)pronounGCSE
tumthen, nextadverbGCSE
tumultustumultus, m uproar, disturbance, civil warnoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
turbaturbae, f crowd, mob, disturbance, multitudenoun1st declensionGCSE
tutustuta, tutum safeadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
tuustua, tuum your (singular)pronounGCSE
ubiwhere, whenadverbGCSE
ullusulla, ullum anyadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
ultimusultima, ultimum furthest, last, utmostadjective2-1-2 patternnon-GCSE
undaundae, f wavenoun1st declensionnon-GCSE
undefrom where, whenceadverbGCSE
undefrom where?, whence?interrogativeGCSE
undiquefrom all sides, on all sidesadverbnon-GCSE
urbsurbis, f city, town, Romenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
usqueall the way, right up to, continuouslyadverbnon-GCSE
usui est(+ dative)it is usefulverbphrasenon-GCSE
usususus, m use, experience, practicenoun4th declension m./f.non-GCSE
ut(+ subjunctive)that, so that, toconjunctionGCSE
ut(+ indicative)as, where, when, howconjunctionGCSE
uter?utra, utrum which (of two)?pronounnon-GCSE
uterqueutraque, utrumque each (of two), bothpronounnon-GCSE
utoruti, usus sum + ablative (3)use, enjoyverbdeponentnon-GCSE
uxoruxoris, f wifenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
valeovalere, valui be strong, have influenceverb2nd conjugationnon-GCSE
validusvalida, validum strong, powerfuladjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
ve (suffix)orconjunctionnon-GCSE
vehementerviolently, loudly, stronglyadverbGCSE
vehovehere, vexi, vectus carry, bear, conveyverb3rd conjugationnon-GCSE
velor, eitherconjunctionnon-GCSE
velutjust as, like, as, as ifadverbnon-GCSE
veniovenire, veni comeverb4th conjugationGCSE
ventusventi, m windnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
verbumverbi, n wordnoun2nd declension neuterGCSE
vereorvereri, veritus sum (2)fear, be afraidverbdeponentnon-GCSE
veroindeed, in fact, howeveradverbnon-GCSE
vertovertere, verti, versus turnverb3rd conjugationGCSE
verusvera, verum true, realadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
vespervesperis, m eveningnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
vespervesperi, m eveningnoun2nd declension masculinenon-GCSE
vestervestra, vestrum your (pl)pronounGCSE
vestisvestis, f clothesnoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
vetovetare, vetui, vetitus forbid, order notverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
vetusveterisoldadjective3rd declension patternnon-GCSE
viaviae, f street, road, way, pathnoun1st declensionGCSE
victorvictoris, m victor, conquerornoun3rd declension m./f.non-GCSE
victoriavictoriae, f victorynoun1st declensionGCSE
videovidere, vidi, visus seeverb2nd conjugationGCSE
videorvideri, visus sum (2)seem, appear, be seenverbdeponentGCSE
villavillae, f country-house, estate, farmnoun1st declensionGCSE
vincovincere, vici, victus conquer, defeat, win, be victoriousverb3rd conjugationGCSE
virviri, m man, husbandnoun2nd declension masculineGCSE
virtusvirtutis, f courage, virtuenoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
vispl vires, f force, violence; (pl) strength, forcesnounirregularnon-GCSE
vitavitae, f lifenoun1st declensionGCSE
vitovitare, vitavi, vitatus avoidverb1st conjugationnon-GCSE
vivovivere, vixi live, be alive, (+ ablative) live onverb3rd conjugationGCSE
vivusviva, vivum alive, livingadjective2-1-2 patternGCSE
vixhardly, scarcely, with difficultyadverbnon-GCSE
vocovocare, vocavi, vocatus call, summon, invite, nameverb1st conjugationGCSE
volovelle, volui want, wish, be willing, intendverbirregularGCSE
vosvestrum / vestriyou (plural)pronounGCSE
voxvocis, f voice, shout, wordnoun3rd declension m./f.GCSE
vulnerovulnerare, vulneravi, vulneratus wound, injureverb1st conjugationGCSE
vulnusvulneris, n wound, injurynoun3rd declension neuterGCSE
vultusvultus, m face, expressionnoun4th declension m./f.GCSE

AS Greek (from 2016)

... μέν... δέ
parton the one hand...on the other
ἀγαθός, ἀγαθή, ἀγαθόνadj 2-1-2good
advtoo much
ἀγγέλλω, ἀγγελῶ, ἤγγειλα, ἠγγέλθην
verbI announce
ἄγγελος, ἀγγέλου, ὁ
noun 2 mmessenger
ἀγνοέω, ἀγνοήσω, ἠγνόησα, ἠγνοήθηνverbI do not know
ἀγορά, ἀγορᾶς, ἡ
noun 1 fmarket place
ἀγρός, ἀγροῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mfield, countryside
ἄγω, ἄξω, ἤγαγον, ἤχθην
verbI lead, bring
ἀγών, ἀγῶνος, ὁ
noun 3 mcontest, trial
ἀδελφή, ἀδελφῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fsister
ἀδελφός, ἀδελφοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mbrother
ἀδικέω, ἀδικήσω, ἠδίκησα, ἠδικήθην
verbI do wrong, injure
ἀδικία, ἀδικίας, ἡnoun 1 fa wrong, wrong‐doing, injustice
ἄδικος, ἄδικος, ἄδικον
adj 2-1-2unjust, wrong
ἀδύνατος, ἀδύνατον
adj 2-2impossible, incapable
Ἀθηναῖοι, Ἀθηναίων, οἱ
noun 2 mAthenians
ἀθροίζω, ἀθροίσω, ἤθροισα, ἠθροίσθην
verbI gather, muster
ἀθυμέω, ἀθυμήσω, ἠθύμησα
verbI am disheartened, am despondent
αἰδέομαι, αἰδέσομαι, ᾐδεσάμην, ᾐδέσθην
verbI respect, revere
αἷμα, αἵματος, τό
noun 3 nblood
αἱρέομαι, αἱρήσομαι, εἱλόμην
verbI choose
αἱρέω, αἱρήσω, εἷλον, ᾑρέθην
verbI take
αἴρω, ἀρῶ, ἦρα, ἤρθην
verbI lift, raise
αἰσθάνομαι, αἰσθήσομαι, ᾐσθόμην
verbI notice, perceive
αἰσχρός, αἰσχρά, αἰσχρόν
adj 2-1-2shameful, ugly, disgraceful
αἰσχύνομαι, αἰσχυνοῦμαι, ᾐσχύνθην
verbI am ashamed
αἰσχύνω, αἰσχυνῶ, ᾔσχυνα
verbI shame, dishonour
αἰτέω, αἰτήσω, ᾔτησα
verbI ask, ask for, beg for, demand
αἴτιος, αἰτία, αἴτιον
adj 2-1-2responsible for, guilty of (+gen.)
αἰχμάλωτος, αἰχμαλώτου, ὁ
noun 2 mprisoner of war
ἀκούω, ἀκούσομαι, ἤκουσα, ἠκούσθην
verbI hear, listen (+gen.)
ἄκρος, ἄκρα, ἄκρον
adj 2-1-2top (of), furthest
ἀκτή, ἀκτῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fshore
ἄκων, ἄκουσα, ἆκον
adj 3-1-3unwilling
ἀληθής, ἀληθής, ἀληθές
adj 3-3true
ἀλλήλους, ἀλλήλας, ἄλληλα
adj 2-1-2one another, each other
ἄλλος, ἄλλη, ἄλλο
adj 2-1-2other, another
advat the same time, with
ἁμαρτάνω, ἁμαρτήσομαι, ἥμαρτον
verbI make a mistake; miss
ἀμύνομαι, ἀμυνοῦμαι, ἠμυνάμην
verbI defend myself, resist
ἀμύνω, ἀμυνῶ, ἤμυνα
verbI ward off, defend (+dat.)
preparound, near (+acc.); concerning
ἀμφότερος, ἀμφοτέρα, ἀμφότερον
adj 2-1-2both
conjwould, could [indefinite]
prepup (+acc.)
ἀναγιγνώσκω, ἀναγνώσομαι, ἀνέγνων, ἀνεγνώσθην
verbI read
ἀναγκάζω, ἀναγκάσω, ἠνάγκασα, ἠναγκάσθην
verbI force, compel
ἀνάγκη, ἀνάγκης, ἡ
noun 1 fnecessity, constraint
ἀνάγομαι, ἀνάξομαι, ἀνηγαγόμην
verbI put to sea
ἀναχωρέω, ἀναχωρήσω, ἀνεχώρησα
verbI retreat, withdraw
ἀνδρεία, ἀνδρείας, ἡ
noun 1 fcourage
ἀνδρεῖος, ἀνδρεία, ἀνδρεῖον
adj 2-1-2brave
ἄνεμος, ἀνέμου, ὁ
noun 2 mwind
prepwithout, except (+gen.)
ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός, ὁ
noun 3 mman, husband
ἄνθρωπος, ἀνθρώπου, ὁ
noun 2 mman, person
prepinstead of (+gen.)
ἄξιος, ἀξία, ἄξιον
adj 2-1-2worthy (of +gen.), deserving
ἀξιόω, ἀξιώσω, ἠξίωσα, ἠξιώθην
verbI demand, request
ἅπας, ἅπασα, ἅπαν
adj 3-1-3all
ἀπειλέω, ἀπειλήσω, ἠπείλησα, ἠπείληθην
verbI threaten
ἀπέχω, ἀφέξω / ἀποσχήσω, ἀπέσχον
verbI am distant (from +gen.)
prepfrom (+gen.)
ἀποθνῄσκω, ἀποθανοῦμαι, ἀπέθανον
verbI die, am killed
ἀποκρίνομαι, ἀποκρινοῦμαι, ἀπεκρινάμην
verbI reply, answer
ἀποκτείνω, ἀποκτενῶ, ἀπέκτεινα
verbI kill
ἀπόλλυμι, ἀπολῶ, ἀπώλεσα
verbI lose, destroy
ἀπορέω, ἀπορήσω, ἠπόρησα
verbI am in doubt, am puzzled, am at a loss
ἀπορία, ἀπορίας, ἡ
noun 1 fperplexity, hesitation
ἀποστερέω, ἀποστερήσω, ἀπεστέρησα, ἀπεστερήθην
verbI deprive, rob (+acc.) of (+gen.)
ἀπροσδόκητος, ἀπροσδόκητον
adj 2-2unexpected
ἅπτομαι, ἅѱομαι, ἡѱάμην
verbI lay hold of, touch (+gen.)
otherthen [inferential particle]
otherinterrogative particle (introduces a question)
ἀργύριον, ἀργυρίου, τό
noun 2 nmoney, piece of silver
ἀργυροῦς, ἀργυρᾶ, ἀργυροῦν
adj 2-1-2made of silver
ἀρετή, ἀρετῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fexcellence, virtue, prowess
ἀριθμός, ἀριθμοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mnumber
ἀριστερός, ἀριστερά, ἀριστερόν
adj 2-1-2(on the) left; sinister
ἅρμα, ἅρματος, τό
noun 3 nchariot
ἁρπάζω, ἁρπάσω, ἥρπασα, ἡρπάσθην
verbI seize, snatch
advjust now, recently
ἀρχή, ἀρχῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fbeginning; power, empire, rule
ἄρχομαι, ἄρξομαι, ἠρξάμην
verbI begin (+gen.)
ἄρχω, ἄρξω, ἦρξα, ἤρχθην
verbI rule (+gen.)
ἀσεβής, ἀσεβές
adj 3-3impious
ἀσθενής, ἀσθενής, ἀσθενές
adj 3-3weak
ἄσμενος, ἀσμένη, ἄσμενον
adj 2-1-2glad
ἀσπίς, ἀσπίδος, ἡ
noun 3 fshield
ἄστυ, ἄστεως, τό
noun 3 ncity
ἀσφάλεια, ἀσφαλείας, ἡ
noun 1 fsafety
ἀσφαλής, ἀσφαλής, ἀσφαλές
adj 3-3safe
conjinasmuch as, because
advin turn, again, furthermore
αὐξάνω, αὐξήσω, ηὔξησα, ηὐξήθην
verbI increase, strengthen
advat once
αὑτόν, αὑτήν, αὑτό
pronhimself, herself, itself
αὐτός, αὐτή, αὐτό
pronhimself, herself, itself (emphatic);
(with article) the same
ἀφικνέομαι, ἀφίξομαι, ἀφικόμην
verbI arrive
ἀφίσταμαι, ἀποστήσομαι, ἀπέστην
verbI revolt
ἀφίστημι, ἀποστήσω, ἀπέστησα
verbI (make to) revolt
βαδίζω, βαδιοῦμαι, ἐβάδισα
verbI walk, go
βαθύς, βαθεῖα, βαθύ
adj 3-1-3deep, high
βαίνω, βήσομαι, ἔβην
verbI go
βάλλω, βαλῶ, ἔβαλον, ἐβλήθην
verbI throw; I fire at, pelt, hit (with missile)
βάρβαρος, βάρβαρον
adj 2-2foreign, strange, barbarian, non‐ Greek
βαρύς, βαρεῖα, βαρύ
adj 3-1-3heavy
βασίλεια, βασίλειας, ἡ
noun 1 fqueen
βασιλεύς, βασιλέως, ὁ
noun 3 mking
βέβαιος, βέβαιον
adj 2-2firm, steady
βία, βίας, ἡ
noun 1 fforce, strength
βίος, βίου, ὁ
noun 2 mlife, livelihood
βλάπτω, βλάѱω, ἔβλαѱα, ἐβλάφθην
verbI harm
βλέπω, βλέѱω, ἔβλεѱα
verbI look, see
βοάω, βοήσομαι, ἐβόησα
verbI shout
βοή, βοῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fshout, cry
βοήθεια, βοηθείας, ἡ
noun 1 fhelp; reinforcements
βοηθέω, βοηθήσω, ἐβοήθησα, ἐβοήθην
verbI help (+dat.)
βουλεύομαι, βουλεύσομαι, ἐβουλευσάμην
verbI consider, plan, discuss, deliberate, decide
βουλεύω, βουλεύσω, ἐβούλευσα
verbI discuss, plan, consider
βουλή, βουλῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fplan, counsel; a council
βούλομαι, βουλήσομαι, ἐβουλήθην
verbI wish, am willing
βραδύς, βραδεῖα, βραδύ
adj 3-1-3slow
βωμός, βωμοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mplatform, altar
γαμέομαι, γαμοῦμαι, ἐγημάμην
verbI marry (of a woman) (+dat.)
γαμέω, γαμῶ, ἔγημα, ἐγαμήθην
verbI marry (of a man)
partat any rate, even
γελάω, γελάσομαι, ἐγέλασα, ἐγελάσθην
verbI laugh
γένος, γένους, τό
noun 3 nrace, descent, type, family
γέρων, γέροντος, ὁ
noun 3 mold man
γέφυρα, γεφύρας, ἡ
noun 1 fbridge; dam
γῆ, γῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fland, earth
γίγνομαι, γενήσομαι, ἐγενόμην
verbI become, happen, occur
γιγνώσκω, γνώσομαι, ἔγνων, ἐγνώσθην
verbI know, realise, understand
γλυκύς, γλυκεῖα, γλυκύ
adj 3-1-3sweet, delightful
γλῶσσα, γλώσσης, ἡ
noun 1 ftongue, language
γνώμη, γνώμης, ἡ
noun 1 fmind, purpose, opinion, judgement
partat any rate
γράφω, γράѱω, ἔγραѱα, ἐγράφην
verbI write, draw
γυμνός, γυμνή, γυμνόν
adj 2-1-2naked, unarmed
γυνή, γυναικός, ἡ
noun 3 fwoman, wife
δακρύω, δακρύσω, ἐδάκρυσα
verbI cry, weep
partbut, and (conjunctive particle)
δεῖ, δεήσει, ἐδέησε
verbit is necessary for (+acc.) to (+inf.)
δείκνυμι, δείξω, ἔδειξα, ἐδείχθην
verbI show
δεινός, δεινή, δεινόν
adj 2-1-2terrible; strange; clever
δεῖπνον, δείπνου, τό
noun 2 nmeal
δένδρον, δένδρου, τό
noun 2 ntree
δεξία, δεξιᾶς, ἡ
adj 2-1-2right hand, the right
δεξιός, δεξιά, δεξιόν
adj 2-1-2right, on the right‐hand side; clever, skilled
δέομαι, δεήσομαι, ἐδεήθην
verbI need, want (+gen.), ask for
δεσμός, δεσμοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mchain, binding, bond, fetter
δεσμώτης, δεσμώτου, ὁ
noun 1 mprisoner
δέσποινα, δεσποίνας, ἡ
noun 1 fmistress
δεσπότης, δεσπότου, ὁ
noun 1 mmaster
adv(to) here, hither; come here!
δεύτερος, δευτέρα, δεύτερον
adj 2-1-2second
δέχομαι, δέξομαι, ἐδεξάμην
verbI receive, accept, welcome
partindeed (emphatic particle)
δῆλος, δήλη, δῆλον
adj 2-1-2clear, obvious
δηλόω, δηλώσω, ἐδήλωσα, ἐδηλώθην
verbI show
δῆμος, δήμου, ὁ
noun 2 mpeople, country
partof course
advindeed (emphatic adverb)
δι' ὀλίγου
διὰ τί
prepbecause of, on account of (+acc.);
through (+gen.)
διαλέγομαι, διαλέξομαι, διελεξάμην, διελέχθην
verbI converse (with +dat.)
διαφθείρω, διαφθερῶ, διέφθειρα,
verbI destroy, corrupt
διδάσκω, διδάξω, ἐδίδαξα, ἐδιδάχθην
verbI teach, tell
δίδωμι, δώσω, ἔδωκα, ἐδόθην
verbI give
διηγέομαι, διηγήσομαι, διηγησάμην
verbI narrate
δίκαιος, δικαία, δίκαιον
adj 2-1-2just, fair, upright, moral
δίκη, δίκης, ἡ
noun 1 fjustice; lawsuit, penalty
διώκω, διώξω, ἐδίωξα, ἐδιώχθην
verbI chase, pursue
δοκεῖ (μοι), δόξει, ἔδοξε
verbit seems good (to me), (I) decide
δοκέω, δόξω, ἔδοξα
verbI think; I seem (to +dat.)
δόλος, δόλου, ὁ
noun 2 mtrickery
δόξα, δόξας, ἡ
noun 1 fopinion, glory
δουλεύω, δουλεύσω, ἐδούλευσα
verbI am a slave
δούλη, δούλης, ἡ
noun 1 ffemale slave
δοῦλος, δούλου, ὁ
noun 2 mslave
δουλόω, δουλώσω, ἐδούλωσα, ἐδουλώθην
verbI enslave
δράω, δράσω, ἔδρασα, ἐδράσθην
verbI do
δρόμος, δρόμου, ὁ
noun 2 mracecourse, race, a run
δύναμαι, δυνήσομαι, ἐδυνήθην
verbI am able, I can
δύναμις, δυνάμεως, ἡ
noun 3 fpower, capacity
δυνατός, δυνατή, δυνατόν
adj 2-1-2able, powerful, capable; possible
δύο, δύο, δύο
δυστυχής, δυστυχής, δυστυχές
adj 3-1-3unlucky, unfortunate
δῶρον, δώρου, τό
noun 2 npresent, gift
ἑαυτόν, ἑαυτήν, ἑαυτό (no nom)
pronounhimself, herself, itself, themselves
ἐάω, ἐάσω, εἴασα, εἰάθην
verbI allow
prepnear (+gen.)
ἐγώ, ἐμοῦ
pronounI, me
pronounI (emphatic)
ἐθέλω, ἐθελήσω, ἠθέλησα
verbI wish, am willing
ἔθνος, ἔθνους, τό
noun 3 nrace, tribe, nation
εἰκός, εἰκότος, τό
noun 3 nprobability, likelihood
verbI go, I shall go
εἰμί, ἔσομαι, ἦν
verbI am
εἰρήνη, εἰρήνης, ἡ
noun 1 fpeace
prepto, into (+acc.)
εἷς, μία, ἕν
εἰσβάλλω, εἰσβαλῶ, εἰσέβαλον, εἰσεβλήθην
verbI throw into; I invade
εἰσβολή, εἰσβολῆς, ἡ
noun 1 finvasion; pass
ἐκ, ἐξ
prepout of, from (+gen.)
ἕκαστος, ἑκάστη, ἕκαστον
adj 2-1-2each
ἑκάτερος, ἑκατέρα, ἑκάτερον
adj 2-1-2each (of two)
advfrom there, thence
ἐκεῖνος, ἐκείνη, ἐκεῖνο
adj 2-1-2that, those
advto there, thither
ἐκκλησία, ἐκκλησίας, ἡ
noun 1 fassembly, meeting
ἑκών, ἑκοῦσα, ἑκόν
adj 3-1-3willing
ἐλαύνω, ἐλῶ, ἤλασα, ἠλάθην
verbI drive
ἐλευθερία, ἐλευθερίας, ἡ
noun 1 ffreedom
ἐλεύθερος, ἐλευθέρα, ἐλεύθερον
adj 2-1-2free
ἐλευθερόω, ἐλευθερώσω, ἠλευθέρωσα, ἠλευθερώθην
verbI free
ἕλκω, ἕλξω, εἵλκυσα, εἱλκύσθην
verbI drag
ἐλπίζω, ἐλπιῶ, ἤλπισα, ἠλπίσθην
verbI hope, expect
ἐμαυτόν, ἐμαυτήν
ἐμός, ἐμή, ἐμόν
adj 2-1-2my; (with article) mine
conjbefore, beforehand, in front
prepin, on, among (+dat.)
ἐναντίος, ἐναντία, ἐναντίον
adj 2-1-2opposite, opposing
prepon account of (+gen.)
advthere, to there, then; where, to where, when
advhere, to here
advfrom here, from where, from when, hereafter
ἐνιαυτός, ἐνιαυτοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 myear
ἐννοέω, ἐννοήσω, ἐνενόησα
verbI consider, think of
ἔνοικος, ἐνοίκου, ὁ
noun 2 minhabitant
advhere, there, then; to here, to there
advfrom here, from there, hereafter, thereupon
ἐντυγχάνω, ἐντεύξομαι, ἐνέτυχον
verbI meet (+dat.)
ἐξ οὗ
conjsince, since the time when
ἐξαπατάω, ἐξαπατήσω, ἐξηπάτησα,
verbI deceive
verbit is allowed for (+dat.) to (+inf.)
ἑορτή, ἑορτῆς, ἡ
noun 1 ffestival
ἐπαινέω, ἐπαινέσω, ἐπῄνεσα, ἐπῃνέθην
verbI praise, approve of
ἐπανέρχομαι, ἐπάνειμι, ἐπανῆλθον
verbI return
ἐπει τάχιστα
advas soon as
conjsince, when
conjsince, when
conjthen, next, afterwards
prepagainst (+acc.); on (+gen. or dat.);
on condition of (+dat.)
ἐπιλανθάνομαι, ἐπιλήσομαι, ἐπελαθόμην
verbI forget (+gen.)
ἐπίσταμαι, ἐπιστήσομαι, ἠπιστήθην
verbI understand; know (how to +inf.)
ἐπιστολή, ἐπιστολῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fletter
ἐπιτήδεια, ἐπιτηδείων, τά
noun 2 nprovisions
ἐπιτρέπω, ἐπιτρέѱω, ἐπέτρεѱα, ἐπετράπην
verbI entrust (+acc.) to (+dat.)
ἕπομαι, ἕѱομαι, ἑσπόμην
verbI follow (+dat.)
ἔργον, ἔργου, τό
noun 2 nwork, task, deed, action
ἐρῆμος, ἐρήμη, ἐρῆμον
adj 2-1-2deserted
ἔρχομαι, εἶμι, ἦλθον
verbI go, come
ἐρωτάω, ἐρωτήσω, ἠρόμην / ἠρώτησα
verbI ask
ἐσθίω, ἔδομαι, ἔφαγον
verbI eat
ἑσπέρα, ἑσπέρας, ἡ
noun 1 fevening
ἔσχατος, ἐσχάτη, ἔσχατον
adj 2-1-2last, furthest
ἑταῖρος, ἑταίρου, ὁ
noun 2 mcompanion
ἕτερος, ἑτέρα, ἕτερον
adj 2-1-2the other one (of two); another, different
advstill, yet
ἑτοῖμος, ἑτοῖμον
adj 2-2ready
ἔτος, ἔτους, τό
noun 3 nyear
εὐγενής, εὐγενές
adj 3-3noble
εὐδαίμων, εὔδαιμον
adj 3-3happy, fortunate
advat once, immediately
εὑρίσκω, εὑρήσω, ηὗρον, ηὑρέθην
verbI find
εὐρύς, εὐρεῖα, εὐρύ
adj 3-1-3broad, wide
εὐσεβής, εὐσεβές
adj 3-3pious
εὐτυχής, εὐτυχής, εὐτυχές
adj 3-1-3lucky, fortunate
εὔχομαι, εὔξομαι, ηὐξάμην
verbI pray
ἐφ' ᾧτε
conjon condition that
ἐχθρός, ἐχθρά, ἐχθρόν
adj 2-1-2hostile
ἔχω, ἕξω / σχήσω, εἶχον (impf), ἔσχον
verbI have, hold; am (+adverb); can
advwhile, until
ζάω, ζήσω / ζήσομαι, ἔζησα
verbI live
Ζεύς, Διός, ὁ
noun 3 mZeus
ζητέω, ζητήσω, ἐζήτησα, ἐζητήθην
verbI seek, enquire about

conjor; than
ἡγεμών, ἡγεμόνος, ὁ
noun 3 mguide, leader
ἡγέομαι, ἡγήσομαι, ἡγησάμην
verbI lead (+dat.); consider, believe
advalready, by now
ἥδομαι, ἡσθήσομαι, ἥσθην
verbI enjoy, am pleased with (+dat.)
ἡδύς, ἡδεῖα, ἡδύ
adj 3-1-3pleasant, sweet
advleast, not at all
ἥκω, ἥξω, ἧκον (impf)
verbI have come
ἥλιος, ἡλίου, ὁ
noun 2 msun
ἡμᾶς αὐτούς
ἡμεῖς, ἡμῶν
ἡμέρα, ἡμέρας, ἡ
noun 1 fday
ἡμέτερος, ἡμετέρα, ἡμέτερον
adj 2-1-2our; (with article) ours
ἤπειρος, ἠπείρου, ἡ
noun 2 fmainland
ἡσυχάζω, ἡσυχάσω, ἡσύχασα
verbI am calm
θάλασσα, θαλάσσης, ἡ
noun 1 fsea
θάνατος, θανάτου, ὁ
noun 2 mdeath
θάπτω, θάѱω, ἔθαѱα, ἐτάφην
verbI bury
θαρρέω, θαρρήσω, ἐθάρρησα
verbI am confident
θαρσέω, θαρσήσω, ἐθάρσησα
verbI am confident
θαυμάζω, θαυμάσομαι, ἐθαύμασα, ἐθαυμάσθην
verbI am amazed at, admire
θεά, θεᾶς, ἡ
noun 1 fgoddess
θεάομαι, θεάσομαι, ἐθεασάμην
verbI look at
θεός, θεοῦ, ὁ, ἡ
noun 2 mgod; goddess
θεράπαινα, θεράπαινης, ἡ
noun 1 ffemale servant
θεραπεύω, θεραπεύσω, ἐθεράπευσα, ἐθεραπεύθην
verbI care for, serve
θεράπων, θεράποντος, ὁ
noun 3 mmale servant
θέρος, θέρους, τό
noun 3 nharvest; summer
θηρεύω, θηρεύσω, ἐθήρευσα
verbI hunt
θρασύς, θρασεῖα, θρασύ
adj 3-1-3reckless; bold
θυγάτηρ, θυγατρός, ἡ
noun 3 fdaughter
θύρα, θύρας, ἡ
noun 1 fdoor
θύω, θύσω, ἔθυσα, ἐτύθην
verbI sacrifice
θώραξ, θώρακος, ὁ
noun 3 mbreast plate
ἰατρός, ἰατροῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mdoctor
ἱερεύς, ἱερέως, ὁ
noun 3 mpriest
ἱερόν, ἱεροῦ, τό
noun 2 ntemple
ἱερος, ἱερά, ἱερόν
adj 2-1-2sacred
ἵημι, ἧκα, ‐ειθην (in compound)
verbI send, hurl
ἱκανός, ἱκανή, ἱκανόνadj 2-1-2sufficient, enough; capable, able to (+ inf.)
conjso that, in order that, in order to (+subj. or opt.); where (with indic.)
ἱππεύς, ἱππέως, ὁ
noun 3 mcavalryman, (plural) cavalry
ἱππεύω, ἱππεύσω, ἵππευσα
verbI ride
ἵππος, ἵππου, ὁ
noun 2 mhorse
ἴσος, ἴση, ἴσον
adj 2-1-2equal
ἵστημι, στήσω, ἔστησα, ἐστάθην
verbI make to stand
ἰσχυρός, ἰσχυρά, ἰσχυρόν
adj 2-1-2strong
καθεύδω, καθευδήσω, ἐκάθευδον (impf)
verbI sleep
καθίζω, καθιῶ, ἐκάθισα
verbI sit
verbbe appointed, get into a state
verbI appoint, put into a state
conjand; also, even, too; actually
καιρός, καιροῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mright time, opportunity
conjand yet
καίω, καύσω, ἔκαυσα, ἐκαύθην
verbI burn, set on fire
κακός, κακή, κακόν
adj 2-1-2bad, wicked, cowardly
καλέω, καλῶ, ἐκάλεσα, ἐκλήθην
verbI call
καλός, καλή, καλόν
adj 2-1-2beautiful, handsome, fine
κάμνω, καμοῦμαι, ἔκαμον
verbI toil, work
prepdown from (+gen.); by, down, along, according to (+acc.)
κατάσκοπος, κατασκόπου, ὁ
noun 2 mspy, scout
καταφρονέω, καταφρονήσω, κατεφρονήσα
verbI despise, look down on (+gen.)
κατηγορέω, κατηγορήσω, κατηγόρησα, κατηγορήθην
verbI accuse (+gen. of person)
κεῖμαι, κείσομαι, ἐκείμην (impf)
verbI lie, am situated; am established
κελεύω, κελεύσω, ἐκέλευσα, ἐκελεύσθην
verbI bid, ask, order
κενός, κενή, κενόν
adj 2-1-2empty
κέρας, κέρατος, τό
noun 3 nhorn, wing, flank
κεφαλή, κεφαλῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fhead
κῆρυξ, κήρυκος, ὁ
noun 3 mherald
κηρύσσω, κηρύξω, ἐκήρυξα, ἐκηρύχθην
verbI proclaim
κινδυνεύω, κινδυνεύσω, ἐκινδύνευσα, ἐκινδυνεύθην
verbI risk; I am in danger (of +inf.), may
κίνδυνος, κινδύνου, ὁ
noun 2 mdanger
κλέπτω, κλέѱω, ἔκλεѱα, ἐκλάπην
verbI steal
κοινός, κοινή, κοινόν
adj 2-1-2common, shared
κολάζω, κολάσω, ἐκόλασα, ἐκολάσθην
verbI punish, correct
κομίζω, κομιῶ, ἐκόμισα, ἐκομίσθην
verbI bring, convey; regain (middle)
κόπτω, κόѱω, ἔκοѱα, ἐκόπην
verbI cut (down), hit
κόρη, κόρης, ἡ
noun 1 fgirl, maiden
κρατέω, κρατήσω, ἐκράτησα, ἐκρατήθην
verbI rule, control (+gen.); I conquer
κράτος, κράτους, τό
noun 3 nmight, authority
κρίνω, κρινῶ, ἔκρινα, ἐκρίθην
verbI judge
κρύπτω, κρύѱω, ἔκρυѱα, ἐκρύφθην
verbI hide (something)
κτάομαι, κτήσομαι, ἐκτησάμην, ἐκτήθην
verbI obtain, get
κτῆμα, κτήματος, τό
noun 3 npossession
κυβερνήτης, κυβερνήτου, ὁ
noun 1 mhelmsman
κύκλος, κύκλου, ὁ
noun 2 mcircle
κωλύω, κωλύσω, ἐκώλυσα, ἐκωλύθην
verbI hinder, prevent (someone from doing) + inf.
κώμη, κώμης, ἡ
noun 1 fvillage
advin secret, secretly
Λακεδαιμόνιοι, Λακεδαιμονίων, οἱ
noun 2 mthe Spartans
λαμβάνω, λήѱομαι, ἔλαβον, ἐλήφθην
verbI take, capture
λανθάνω, λήσω, ἐλαθον
verbI escape the notice of (+acc.)
λέγω, ἐρῶ / λέξω, εἶπον / ἔλεξα, ἐρρήθην / ἐλέχθην
verbI say, speak, tell
λείπω, λείѱω, ἔλιπον, ἐλείφθην
verbI leave
λίθος, λίθου, ὁ
noun 2 mstone
λιμήν, λιμένος, ὁ
noun 3 mharbour
λίμνη, λίμνης, ἡ
noun 1 fmarsh
λόγος, λόγου, ὁ
noun 2 mword, speech, argument; story, account
λόγχη, λόγχης, ἡ
noun 1 fspear
λοιπός, λοιπή, λοιπόν
adj 2-1-2rest, remaining
λοχαγός, λοχαγοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mcommander
λύομαι, λύσομαι, ἐλυσάμην
verbI ransom
λύω, λύσω, ἔλυσα, ἐλύθην
verbI untie, loose, set free
μακρός, μακρά, μακρόν
adj 2-1-2long
advmost; very much, especially
μανθάνω, μαθήσομαι, ἔμαθον
verbI learn
μαντεῖον, μαντείου, τό
noun 2 noracle
μάντις, μάντεως, ὁ
noun 3 mprophet
advin vain, unsuccessfully
μάχη, μάχης, ἡ
noun 1 fbattle, fight
μάχομαι, μαχοῦμαι, ἐμαχεσάμην
verbI fight
μέγας, μεγάλη, μέγα
adj 2-1-2big, great
μέλλω, μελλήσω, ἐμέλλησα
verbI intend, am going to (+inf.);
μέμνημαι, μεμνήσομαι, ἐμνήσθην
verbI remember (+gen.)
conjhowever, certainly
μένω, μενῶ, ἔμεινα
verbI wait, remain
μέρος, μέρους, τό
noun 3 npart
μέσος, μέση, μέσον
adj 2-1-2middle (of)
prepwith (+gen.); after (+acc.)
μεταπέμπομαι, μεταπέμѱομαι, μετεπεμѱάμην
verbI send for
prepuntil; as far as (+gen.)
advin no way, not at all
conjand...not, but...not, not even
μηδείς, μηδεμία, μηδέν
adj 3-1-3no‐one, nothing, no
advno longer
μήτε... μήτε...
μήτηρ, μητρός, ἡ
noun 3 fmother
μικρός, μικρά, μικρόν
adj 2-1-2small, little
μισέω, μισήσω, εμίσησα, ἐμισήθην
verbI hate
μισθός, μισθοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mwages, pay, reward, fee
advhardly, scarcely, with difficulty
μόνος, μόνη, μόνον
adj 2-1-2alone, only
μῦθος, μύθου, ὁ
noun 2 mword, story
μῶρος, μώρα, μῶρον
adj 2-1-2stupid, foolish
ναυμαχέω, ναυμαχήσω, ἐναυμάχησα
verbI fight a sea‐battle
ναυμαχία, ναυμαχίας, ἡ
noun 1 fsea‐battle
ναῦς, νεώς (irreg), ἡ
noun 3 fship
ναύτης, ναύτου, ὁ
noun 1 msailor
ναυτικόν, ναυτικοῦ, τό
noun 2 nfleet
νεανίας, νεανίου, ὁ
noun 1 myoung man
νεκρός, νεκροῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mcorpse
νέος, νέα, νέον
adj 2-1-2new, young, recent
νῆσος, νήσου, ἡ
noun 2 fisland
νικάω, νικήσω, ἐνίκησα, ἐνικήθην
verbI win, conquer
νίκη, νίκης, ἡ
noun 1 fvictory
νομίζω, νομιῶ, ἐνόμισα
verbI think, consider
νόμος, νόμου, ὁ
noun 2 mlaw, custom
νοσέω, νοσήσω, ἐνόσησα
verbI am ill
νόσος, νόσου, ἡ
noun 2 fdisease, illness
νοῦς, νοός (irreg) / νοῦ, ὁ
noun 3 mmind
νύξ, νυκτός, ἡ
noun 3 fnight
ξένος, ξένου, ὁ
noun 2 mstranger, foreigner; guest, host; friend
ξίφος, ξίφους, τό
noun 3 nsword
ξύλινος, ξυλίνη, ξύλινον
adj 2-1-2wooden
ὁ, ἡ, τό
ὅδε, ἥδε, τόδε
ὁδός, ὁδοῦ, ἡ
noun 2 froad, path, way; journey
advfrom where (whence)
advto where (whither)
οἶδα, εἴσομαι, ᾔδη (impf)
verbI know (how to +inf.)
οἰκέω, οἰκήσω, ᾤκησα, ᾠκήθην
verbI dwell, live (in), inhabit
οἰκία, οἰκίας, ἡ
noun 1 fhouse, home
advfrom home
advat home
οἶκος, οἴκου, ὁ
noun 2 mhome
οἰκτείρω, οἰκτερῶ, ᾤκτειρα
verbI pity
οἶνος, οἴνου, ὁ
noun 2 mwine
οἷός τ' εἰμί
verbI am able, I can
οἷος, οἵα, οἷον
adj 2-1-2such
ὀλίγος, ὀλίγη, ὀλίγον
adj 2-1-2small, little, (plural) few
ὄμνυμι, ὀμοῦμαι, ὤμοσα, ὠμόθην
verbI swear
ὅμοιος, ὁμοία, ὅμοιον
adj 2-1-2similar
ὁμολογέω, ὁμολογήσω, ὡμολόγησα, ὡμολογήθην
verbI agree, admit
ὄνομα, ὀνόματος, τό
noun 3 nname
advbehind; in future
ὅπλα, ὅπλων, τά
noun 2 nweapons, arms, armour; gear, tackle
ὁπλίζω, ὁπλίσω / ὁπλιῶ, ὥπλισα, ὡπλίσθην
verbI arm
ὁπλίτης, ὁπλίτου, ὁ
noun 1 mhoplite
advfrom where
advto where
ὁποῖος, ὁποία, ὁποῖον
adj 2-1-2such as
ὁπόσος, ὁπόση, ὁπόσον
adj 2-1-2as much as
ὁπότερος, ὁποτέρα, ὁπότερον
adj 2-1-2which (of two)
advhow?, in what way?; in such a way (as to); so that
ὁράω, ὄѱομαι, εἶδον, ὤφθην
verbI see
ὀργή, ὀργῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fanger
ὀργίζομαι, ὀργιοῦμαι, ὠργίσθην
verbI grow angry (with +dat.)
ὀρθός, ὀρθή, ὀρθόν
adj 2-1-2straight, correct
ὅρκος, ὅρκου, ὁ
noun 2 moath
ὁρμάω, ὁρμήσω, ὥρμησα, ὡρμήθην
verbI set in motion; (middle) start, set out
ὄρος, ὄρους, τό
noun 3 nhill, mountain
ὅς, ἥ, ὅ
pronounwho, which
ὅσος, ὅση, ὅσον
adj 2-1-2how big/much/many; as big/much/many as...
ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ τι
pronounwho, which; whoever, whatever
advwhen, whenever
conjthat, because
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ, οὐχι
advin no way, not at all
conjand...not, but...not, not even, nor
οὐδείς, οὐδεμία, οὐδέν
pronounno one, nothing, no
advno longer
οὔκουν (οὐκ + οὐν)
advtherefore, and so
οὔτε... οὔτε
οὗτος, αὕτη, τοῦτο
adj 2-1-2this
advthus, so, in this way
ὀφθαλμός, ὀφθαλμοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 meye
παιδεύω, παιδεύσω, ἐπαίδευσα, ἐπαιδεύθην
verbI train, educate
παῖς, παιδός, ὁ, ἡ
noun 3 mchild, son, daughter, boy, girl
advlong ago, formerly
παλαιός, παλαιά, παλαιόν
adj 2-1-2former
advagain, back
prepfrom (+gen.); with (+dat.); to
(motion), contrary to (+acc.)
παραδίδωμι, παραδώσω, παρέδωκα
verbI hand over
παρασκευάζω, παρασκευάσω, παρεσκεύασα, παρεσκευάσθην
verbI prepare
verbI am present
verbit is possible for (+dat.) to (+inf.)
παρέχω, παρέξω / παρασχήσω, παρέσχον
verbI provide, cause, produce
παρθένος, παρθένου, ἡ
noun 2 funmarried woman, maiden, virgin
πᾶς, πᾶσα, πᾶν
adj 3-1-3all, every
πάσχω, πείσομαι, ἔπαθον
verbI suffer, experience
πατήρ, πατρός, ὁ
noun 3 mfather
πατρίς, πατρίδος, ἡ
noun 3 fhomeland, fatherland
πατρῷος, πατρῴα, πατρῷον
adj 2-1-2of a father
παύομαι, παύσομαι, ἐπαυσάμην
verbI cease from (doing sth) (+gen.)
παύω, παύσω, ἔπαυσα, ἐπαύσθην
verbI stop
πεδίον, πεδίου, τό
noun 2 nplain
advon foot
πεζοί, πεζῶν, οἱ
noun 2 minfantry
πείθομαι, πείσομαι, ἐπιθόμην
verbI obey (+dat.)
πείθω, πείσω, ἔπεισα, / ἔπιθον
verbI persuade
πειράομαι, πειράσομαι, ἐπειράθην
verbI try
πελταστής, πελταστοῦ, ὁ
noun 1 mlight‐armed soldier
πέμπτος, πέμπτη, πέμπτον
adj 2-1-2fifth
πέμπω, πέμѱω, ἔπεμѱα, ἐπέμφθην
verbI send, escort, fire (an arrow)
preparound (+acc.); about, concerning
πηδάω, πηδήσομαι, ἐπήδησα
verbI leap
πίεζω, πιέσω, ἐπίεσα
verbI squeeze, oppress
πίνω, πίομαι, ἔπιον, ἐπόθην
verbI drink
πίπτω, πεσοῦμαι, ἔπεσον
verbI fall
πιστεύω, πιστεύσω, ἐπίστευσα
verbI believe, trust (+dat.)
πιστός, πιστή, πιστόν
adj 2-1-2faithful, reliable
πλέω, πλεύσομαι, ἔπλευσα
verbI sail
πλῆθος, πλήθους, τό
noun 3 nnumber, crowd
prepexcept (+gen.)
πληρόω, πληρώσω, ἐπλήρωσα, ἐπληρώθην
verbI fill
πλοῖον, πλοίου, τό
noun 2 nboat
πλοῦς, πλόος / πλοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mvoyage
πλούσιος, πλουσία, πλούσιον
adj 2-1-2rich
advfrom where? whence?
advto where?
ποιέομαι, ποιήσομαι, ἐποιησάμην
verbI do; I value
ποιέω, ποιήσω, ἐποίησα, εποιήθην
verbI do, make
ποῖος, ποία, ποῖον
adj 2-1-2what sort of? such as
πολεμέω, πολεμήσω, ἐπολέμησα, ἐπολεμήθην
verbI fight a war, am at war
πολέμιος, πολεμία, πολέμιον
adj 2-1-2enemy, hostile, (plural as noun) the enemy
πόλεμος, πολέμου, ὁ
noun 2 mwar
πολιορκέω, πολιορκήσω, ἐπολιόρκησα, ἐπολιορκήθην
verbI besiege
πόλις, πόλεως, ἡ
noun 3 fcity, state
πολίτης, πολίτου, ὁ
noun 1 mcitizen
πολύς, πολλή, πολύ
adj 2-1-2much, (plural) many
πονέω, πονήσω, ἐπόνησα, ἐπονήθην
verbI toil, suffer
πόνος, πόνου, ὁ
noun 2 mtoil
πορεύομαι, πορεύσομαι, ἐπορεύθην
verbI travel, march
πόσος, πόση, πόσον
adj 2-1-2how big, how much? (plural) how many? as much as, as many as
ποταμός, ποταμοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mriver
advat some time, once
πότερον... ἤ...
πότερος, ποτέρα, πότερον
adj 2-1-2which of two?
partsomewhere; I suppose
πούς, ποδός, ὁ
noun 3 mfoot
πρᾶγμα, πράγματος, τό
noun 3 nthing, matter
πράσσω, πράξω, ἔπραξα, ἐπράχθην
verbI do, fare; manage
πρέσβυς, πρέσβεως, ὁ
noun 3 mambassador, elder, old man
advbefore...; beforehand (adverb)
prepbefore (time and place), in front of
πρόγονος, προγόνου, ὁ
noun 2 mancestor
προδίδωμι, προδώσω, προὔδωκα
verbI betray
πρόθυμος, πρόθυμον
adj 2-2eager
prepto, against (+acc.); by (+gen.); at
προσβάλλω, προσβαλῶ, προσέβαλον, προσεβλήθην
verbI attack (+dat.)
advbefore, beforehand, in front
προτεραία, προτεραίας, ἡ
noun 1 fprevious day, day before
advbefore, formerly
advat first, first
πρῶτος, πρῶτη, πρῶτον
adj 2-1-2first
πύλη, πύλης, ἡ
noun 1 fgate
πυνθάνομαι, πεύσομαι, ἐπυθόμην
verbI learn, ascertain; ask
πῦρ, πυρός, τό
noun 3 nfire
advin some way
ῥᾴδιος, ῥᾳδία, ῥᾴδιον
adj 2-1-2easy
ῥήτωρ, ῥήτορος, ὁ
noun 3 mspeaker, politician
ῥίπτω, ῥίѱω, ἔρριѱα, ἐρρίφθην
verbI throw
σαφής, σαφές
adj 3-3clear
σεαυτόν, σεαυτήν
σῆμα, σῆματος, τό
noun 3 nsign, signal
σημαίνω, σημανῶ, ἐσήμηνα, ἐσημάνθην
verbI show, signal
σιγάω, σιγήσω, ἐσίγησα, ἐσιγήθην
verbI am silent
σιγή, σιγῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fsilence
σῖτος, σίτου, ὁ
noun 2 mfood, corn, bread
σκευή, σκευῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fequipment
σκηνή, σκηνῆς, ἡ
noun 1 ftent
σκοπεώ, σκέѱομαι, ἐσκεѱάμην
verbI look at, consider, examine
σκότος, σκότου, ὁ
noun 2 mdarkness
σός, σή, σόν
adj 2-1-2your (singular); (with article) yours
σοφία, σοφίας, ἡ
noun 1 fcleverness, wisdom
σοφός, σοφή, σοφόν
adj 2-1-2wise, clever
σπονδαί, σπονδῶν, αἱ
noun 1 ftreaty
στάδιον, σταδίου, τό
noun 2 nstadium
στέλλω, στελῶ, ἔστειλα, ἐστάλην
verbI send
στενός, στενή, στενόν
adj 2-1-2narrow
στόλος, στόλου, ὁ
noun 2 mexpedition
στόμα, στόματος, τό
noun 3 nmouth, entrance
στράτευμα, στρατεύματος, τό
noun 3 narmy
στρατεύω, στρατεύσω, ἐστράτευσα
verbI march, go on an expedition
στρατηγέω, στρατηγήσω, ἐστρατήγησα
verbI am general
στρατηγός, στρατηγοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mgeneral, commander
στρατιά, στρατιᾶς, ἡ
noun 1 farmy
στρατιώτης, στρατιώτου, ὁ
noun 1 msoldier
στρατοπεδεύομαι, στρατοπεδεύσομαι, ἐστρατοπεδευσάμην
verbI encamp
στρατόπεδον, στρατοπέδου, τό
noun 2 narmy camp
στρατός, στρατοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 marmy
σύ, σοῦ
pronounyou (singular)
συγγενής, συγγένους, ὁ
noun 3 mrelative, kin
συλλέγω, συλλέξω, συνέλεξα, συνελέχθην / συνελέγην
verbI collect, assemble
συμβουλεύω, συμβουλεύσω,
verbI advise (+dat.)
συμμαχία, συμμαχίας, ἡ
noun 1 falliance
σύμμαχος, συμμάχου, ὁ
noun 2 mally
συμφορά, συμφορᾶς, ἡ
noun 1 fmisfortune, disaster, event
prepwith (+dat.)
σφᾶς, σφῶν, σφίσιν
pronounthem, themselves (indirect speech,
referring to original subject)
σφέτερος, σφετέρα, σφέτερον
adj 2-1-2their
advvery, very much
advnearly, almost
σῴζω, σώσω, ἐσώσα, ἐσώθην
verbI save
σῶμα, σώματος, τό
noun 3 nbody
σωτηρία, σωτηρίας, ἡ
noun 1 fsafety
σώφρων, σῶφρον
adj 2-2prudent; self‐controlled
τάξις, τάξεως, ἡ
noun 3 farrangement, rank
ταράσσω, ταράξω, ἐτάραξα, ἐταράχθην
verbI throw into confusion
τάσσω, τάξω, ἔταξα, ἐτάχθην
verbI draw up, arrange
τάφος, τάφου, ὁ
noun 2 mtomb
τάχ' ἄν
advprobably, perhaps
advquickly; probably, perhaps
ταχύς, ταχεῖα, ταχύ
adj 3-1-3fast, quick
τειχίζω, τειχιῶ, ἐτείχισα
verbI fortify
τείχισμα, τειχίσματος, τό
noun 3 nfort, fortification
τεῖχος, τείχους, τό
noun 3 nwall
τελευτάω, τελευτήσω, ἐτελεύτησα, ἐτελευτήθην
verbI finish, end; die
τελευτή, τελευτῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fend
advin the end, at last
τέλος, τέλους, τό
noun 3 nend
τέμνω, τεμῶ, ἔτεμον, ἐτμήθην
verbI cut
τέσσαρες, τέσσαρες, τέσσαρα
τέταρτος, τετάρτη, τέταρτον
adj 2-1-2fourth
τέχνη, τέχνης, ἡ
noun 1 fskill, craft, art
τίθημι, θήσω, ἔθηκα, ἐτέθην
verbI place; I make
τιμάω, τιμήσω, ἐτίμησα, ἐτιμήθην
verbI honour, respect
τιμή, τιμῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fhonour, respect
τιμωρέω, τιμωρήσω, ἐτιμώρησα,
verbI punish, avenge
τις, τι
pronouna certain; someone, something
τίς, τί
pronounwho?, what?, which?
partI assure you, let me tell you, verily
τοιοῦτος, τοιαύτη, τοιοῦτο
adj 2-1-2such
τόλμα, τόλμης, ἡ
noun 1 fdaring
τολμάω, τολμήσω, ἐτόλμησα, ἐτολμήθην
verbI dare
τόξευμα, τοξεύματος, τό
noun 3 narrow
τοξεύω, τοξεύσω, ἐτόξευσα, ἐτοξεύθην
verbI shoot (with an arrow)
τόξον, τόξου, τό
noun 2 nbow
τοξότης, τοξότου, ὁ
noun 1 marcher
τόπος, τόπου, ὁ
noun 2 mplace
τοσοῦτος, τοσαύτη, τοσοῦτο
adj 2-1-2so great, so much, (plural) so many
advthen, at that time
τραῦμα, τραύματος, τό
noun 3 nwound
τραυματίζω, τραυματίσω, ἐτραυμάτισα, ἐτραυματίσθην
verbI wound
τρεῖς, τρεῖς, τρία
τρέπω, τρέѱω, ἔτρεѱα, ἐτράπην
verbI turn; rout, put to flight
τρέχω, δραμοῦμαι, ἔδραμον
verbI run
τριήρης, τριήρους, ἡ
noun 1 ftrireme
τρίτος, τρίτη, τρίτον
adj 2-1-2third
τρόπαιον, τροπαίου, τό
noun 2 ntrophy
τρόπος, τρόπου, ὁ
noun 2 mway, manner
τυγχάνω, τεύξομαι, ἔτυχον
verbI get (+gen.); happen to be, am actually (+part.)
τύπτω, τυπτήσω, ἔτυπον, ἐτύφθην / ἐτύπην
verbI hit, strike
τύχη, τύχης, ἡ
noun 1 fchance, luck, fortune (good or bad)
ὑβρίζω, ὑβριῶ, ὕβρισα, ὑβρίσθην
verbI assault, insult
ὕδωρ, ὕδατος, τό
noun 3 nwater
υἱός, υἱοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mson
ὕλη, ὕλης, ἡ
noun 1 fwood, forest
ὑμᾶς αὐτούς
ὑμεῖς, ὑμῶν
pronounyou (plural)
ὑμέτερος, ὑμετέρα, ὑμέτερον
adj 2-1-2your; (with article) yours
prepabove, on behalf of (+gen.); over, beyond (motion +acc.)
ὑπισχνέομαι, ὑποσχήσομαι, ὑπεσχόμην
verbI promise
ὕπνος, ὕπνου, ὁ
noun 2 msleep
prepunder (position +dat.), under
(motion +acc.); by (of agent +gen.)
ὑστεραία, ὑστεραίας, ἡ
noun 1 fthe next day
ὕστερος, ὑστέρα, ὕστερον
adj 2-1-2later
ὑѱηλός, ὑѱηλή, ὑѱηλόν
adj 2-1-2high
φαίνομαι, φανοῦμαι, ἐφάνην
verbI seem, appear
φέρω, οἴσω, ἤνεγκα, ἠνέχθην
verbI carry, bear, endure
φεύγω, φεύξομαι, ἔφυγον
verbI run away, flee
φημί, φήσω, ἔφην (impf)
verbI say
φθάνω, φθήσομαι / φθάσω, ἔφθασα / ἔφθην
verbI do something first
φθονέω, φθονήσω, ἐφθόνησα, ἐφθονήθην
verbI grudge, resent (+dat.)
φθόνος, φθόνου, ὁ
noun 2 mgrudge
φιλέω, φιλήσω, ἐφίλησα, ἐφιλήθην
verbI love, like, am accustomed to
φίλη, φίλης, ἡ
noun 1 f(female) friend
φιλία, φιλίας, ἡ
noun 1 faffection
φίλιος, φιλία, φίλιον
adj 2-1-2dear
φίλος, φίλου, ὁ
noun 2 m(male) friend
φοβέομαι, φοβήσομαι, ἐφοβήθην
verbI am afraid, fear
φόβος, φόβου, ὁ
noun 2 mfear
φονεύω, φονεύσω, ἐφονεύσα, ἐφονεύθην
verbI murder, kill
φυγάς, φυγάδος
noun 3 man exile
φυγή, φυγής, ἡ
noun 1 fflight; exile
φύλαξ, φύλακος, ὁ
noun 3 mguard
φυλάσσω, φυλάξω, ἐφύλαξα, ἐφυλάχθην
verbI guard
φωνή, φωνῆς, ἡ
noun 1 fvoice
χαίρω, χαιρήσω, ἐχάρην
verbI rejoice
χαλεπός, χαλεπή, χαλεπόν
adj 2-1-2difficult
χαλκοῦς, χαλκῆ, χαλκοῦν
adj 2-1-2brazen, of bronze
χειμών, χειμῶνος, ὁ
noun 3 mstorm; winter
χείρ, χειρός, ἡ
noun 3 fhand
χράομαι, χρήσομαι, ἐχρησάμην
verbI use (+dat.)
verbit is necessary for (+acc.) to (+inf.)
χρῆμα, χρημάτος, τό
noun 3 nthing; (plural) money, goods, property
χρησιμός, χρησιμή, χρησιμόν
adj 2-1-2useful
χρηστήριον, χρηστηρίου, τό
noun 2 noracle
χρόνος, χρόνου, ὁ
noun 2 mtime
χρυσός, χρυσοῦ, ὁ
noun 2 mgold
χρυσοῦς, χρυσῆ, χρυσοῦν
adj 2-1-2golden
χώρα, χώρας, ἡ
noun 1 fcountry, land
χωρέω, χωρήσω, ἐχώρησα
verbI go
χωρίον, χωρίου, τό
noun 2 nplace

parto... (addressing someone)
ὥρα, ὥρας, ἡ
noun 1 fseason; time, right time
conjas, when, since, because; that; in order to, so that; how
conjjust as; as if
partthat, so that, with the result that
ὠφελέω, ὠφελήσω, ὠφέλησα, ὠφελήθην
verbI help, benefit
ѱεύδομαι, ѱεύσομαι, ἐѱευσάμην
verbI lie, I am mistaken
ѱεύδω, ѱεύσω, ἔѱευσα, ἐѱεύσθην
verbI cheat, deceive