de imperio: 43


Et quoniam auctoritas quoque in bellis administrandis multum atque in imperio militari valet, certe nemini dubium est quin ea re idem ille imperator plurimum possit. Vehementer autem pertinere ad bella administranda quid hostes, quid socii de imperatoribus nostris existiment, quis ignorat, cum sciamus homines in tantis rebus, ut aut contemnant aut metuant aut oderint aut ament, opinione non minus et fama quam aliqua ratione certa commoveri? Quod igitur nomen umquam in orbe terrarum clarius fuit? cuius res gestae pares? de quo homine vos,—id quod maxime facit auctoritatem,—tanta et tam praeclara iudicia fecistis?


And since also prestige is very important in managing wars and in a military command, surely no one can doubt that in this matter that same general is supremely capable. Moreover, who does not know that what our enemies, what our allies think about our generals is exceedingly relevant to the management of wars, since we know that people in such important affairs are moved, either to despise or fear, or to hate or love, by sentiment and reputation as much as any deliberate reasoning. Therefore what name ever was more famous on earth? Whose accomplishments comparable? About what man have you made such great and such distinguished judgements – the thing which creates prestige the most?