de imperio: 41 translation

And so everyone in those places now regard Gnaeus Pompeius like someone not dispatched from this city, but who has glided down from heaven. Now, finally, they are beginning to believe that Roman people had once had this restraint, a thing which now was beginning to seem to foreign nations unbelievable and falsely passed down to memory. Now the splendour of your power has begun to bring light to those peoples. Now they realise that it was not without good reason that, at the time when we had magistrates who had that self-control, their ancestors preferred to serve the Roman people than hold sway over others. Indeed now approaches to him by private individuals are said to be so accessible, complaints about injustices done by others so unrestricted, that he, who surpasses the leading men in terms of dignity, appears to be on terms with the most humble in terms of accessibility.