de imperio: 40


Age vero: ceteris in rebus qua ille sit temperantia considerate. Unde illam tantam celeritatem et tam incredibilem cursum inventum putatis? Non enim illum eximia vis remigum aut ars inaudita quaedam gubernandi aut venti aliqui novi tam celeriter in ultimas terras pertulerunt; sed eae res quae ceteros remorari solent, non retardarunt: non avaritia ab instituto cursu ad praedam aliquam devocavit, non libido ad voluptatem, non amoenitas ad delectationem, non nobilitas urbis ad cognitionem, non denique labor ipse ad quietem; postremo signa et tabulas ceteraque ornamenta Graecorum oppidorum, quae ceteri tollenda esse arbitrantur, ea sibi ille ne visenda quidem existimavit.


Come now: consider what self-control he has in all other matters. From where do you think he found that great speed and such unbelievable progress? For it was not the outstanding force of the oarsmen or some unheard of skill in piloting or some new winds that carried him so quickly to the ends of the earth; but those things which usually delay the rest did not hinder him; greed did not call him away from the established route to some booty, nor lust to pleasure, nor pleasant surroundings to enjoyment, nor the renown of a city to sightseeing, nor, finally, the toil itself to rest; lastly, the statues and the paintings and the rest of the adornments of Greek towns, which all the others think should be stolen, that man thought those things should not even be seen by him.