de imperio: 39


Hic miramur hunc hominem tantum excellere ceteris, cuius legiones sic in Asiam pervenerint, ut non modo manus tanti exercitus, sed ne vestigium quidem cuiquam pacato nocuisse dicatur? iam vero quem ad modum milites hibernent cotidie sermones ac litterae perferuntur: non modo ut sumptum faciat in militem nemini vis adfertur, sed ne cupienti quidem cuiquam permittitur. Hiemis enim, non avaritiae perfugium maiores nostri in sociorum atque amicorum tectis esse voluerunt.


Now, do we wonder that this man surpasses the rest so much, since his legions arrived in Asia in such a way that not only no hand, but not even a footprint, of such a large army is said to have brought harm to anyone peaceful? Indeed now hearsay and letters are brought daily as to how the soldiers are spending the winter: not only is no violence brought to anyone so that he makes a payment to a soldier, but not even is it permitted for anyone who wants to. For our ancestors wanted there to be shelter from winter, not a refuge for greed, in the homes of our allies and friends.