de imperio: 38


Itinera quae per hosce annos in Italia per agros atque oppida civium Romanorum nostri imperatores fecerint recordamini: tum facilius statuetis quid apud exteras nationes fieri existimetis. Utrum pluris arbitramini per hosce annos militum vestrorum armis hostium urbis, an hibernis sociorum civitates esse deletas? Neque enim potest exercitum is continere imperator, qui se ipse non continet, neque severus esse in iudicando, qui alios in se severos esse iudices non vult.


You recall the journeys which our generals have made in Italy throughout these years, through the fields and towns of Roman citizens: then you will decide more easily what you think is happening among foreign nations. Do you think that more enemy cities have been destroyed by the weapons of your soldiers throughout these years, or cities of allies by winter quarters? For neither can that general, who does not restrain himself, restrain his army, nor can he be strict in passing judgement, he who does not want others to be strict judges against him.