de imperio: 33 translation

Should I mention that Cnidus, or Colophon or Samos, very noble cities, and countless others, were captured, when you know that your own harbours, and those harbours from which you draw your life and breath, were in the power of the pirates? Indeed, are you unaware that the most illustrious port of Caieta, chockfull of ships, was plundered by the pirates while a praetor was observing? Moreover, that the children of that very man, who had previously waged war against the pirates, were carried off by pirates? For why should I complain of that misfortune of Ostia and that disgrace and dishonour of the republic, when, with you practically watching, that fleet, of which a consul of the Roman people had been put in charge, was taken and crushed by the pirates? Gods above! Could the incredible and godlike virtue of one man bring such a great light to the republic in such a short time, that you, who just recently used to see the fleet of the enemy in front of the mouth of the Tiber, should now hear that there is no ship of the pirates within the mouth of Ocean?