de imperio: 32 translation

Which province through these self-same years have you held free from pirates? What revenue for you has been safe? What ally did you defend? For whom were you a source of protection with your fleets? How many islands do you reckon have been deserted? How many cities of allies have been either abandoned through fear or captured by pirates? But why do I mention distant events? Once this was – it was characteristic of the Roman people: to wage war far from home and to defend the fortunes of the allies with bulwarks of the empire, not their own homes. Need I say that the sea has been shut off to our allies through these years, when your armies never went across from Brundisium except at the height of winter? Should I complain that those who came to you from foreign nations were taken prisoner, when the ambassadors of the Roman people were ransomed? Need I say that the sea was not safe for merchants, when twelve axes came into the power of the pirates?