de imperio: 30 translation

Italy is my witness, which that winner himself, Lucius Sulla, confessed had been freed by the courage and assistance of this man: Sicily is my witness, which, surrounded by many dangers on all sides, he disentangled, not by the terror of war, but by the speed of his stratagem: Africa is my witness, which, having been pressed upon by great forces of enemies, overflowed with the blood of those very men: Gaul is my witness, through which a path into Spain was laid open by our legions by the massacre of the Gauls: Spain is my witness, which has very often seen very many enemies overcome and destroyed by this man: again and again Italy is my witness, which, when it was being pressed upon by the foul and dangerous servile war, sought help from this man, though he was absent, a war which was reduced and diminished by the expectation of him, removed and buried by his arrival.