Latin GCSE (9-1): Set Texts 2018-2023

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Year in which set text will be examined: Prose Literature A
Prose Literature B
Verse Literature A
Verse Literature B
2018 and 2019 Oxford Latin Anthology
Family Life and Relationships
A close knit family (Pliny)
An ideal daughter (Pliny)
Education within the family (lines 1–12, quis … liberis) (Tacitus)
Bitter hatred (Cicero)
Cambridge Latin Anthology
The power of the Druids, their education, their religion (Caesar)
The Druids’ last stand (Tacitus)
tumultus et rebellio
Boudica’s rebellion (Tacitus)
Cambridge Latin Anthology
vita rustica et vita urbana
The sights, sounds and seasons of the countryside (Ovid)
A country spring (Horace)
The town mouse and the country mouse (Horace)
de cultu deorum et vita hominum
Recipe for happiness (Martial)
Spring and thoughts of mortality (Horace)
Aeneid Book 4, lines 279–319, 331–361, 381–396
and Book 6, lines 450–476
2020 and 2021 Oxford Latin Anthology
Land and sea
A governor travels to his province (Pliny)
A difficult landing (Caesar)
Hannibal crosses the Alps (Livy)
Cambridge Latin Anthology
Germanicus et Piso
Piso in Syria, The death of Germanicus, Mourning, Revenge (Tacitus)
personae non gratae
Regulus (lines 1–19 assem …detestatur) (Pliny)
Oxford Latin Anthology
Passions and Poisons
A snake’s poison stirs passion (Virgil)
Medea’s impassioned plea to Jason (Ovid)
Catullus struggles with love (Catullus)
Aeneid Book 2, lines 506–558, 705–740, 768–794
2022 and 2023 Oxford Latin Anthology
Conflict and conquest
Bravery and strategy in battle (Caesar)
Inspiration for the fight (lines 1–37, Boudicca … finivit) (Tacitus)
Marital Conflict (Cicero)
Cambridge Latin Anthology
sagae Thessalae (lines 1–96, iuvenis … obtexi) (Apuleius)
personae non gratae
Pythius (Cicero)
Cambridge Latin Anthology
Echo et Narcissus (lines 1–82, aspicit … albis)
How many kisses? (Catullus)
Conflicting emotions (Martial)
Love will not let the poet sleep (Petronius)
Aeneid Book 6, lines 295–316, 384–416, 679–712, 752–759, 788–800