Euripides Unseens

Euripides Unseen 7.5

Iphigenia, now a priestess in a distant land, meets her brother Orestes (neither knowing
who the other is) and asks about her father Agamemnon.


ΙΦΙΓΕΝΕΙΑ: τί δ’ ὁ στρατηγός, ὃν λέγουσ’ εὐδαιμονεῖν;
ΟΡΕΣΤΗΣ: οὐκ οἶδ’· ἄπελθε τοῦ λόγου τούτου, γύναι.
ΙΦ. μὴ πρὸς θεῶν, ἀλλ’ εἴφ’, ἵνα εὐφρανθῶ, ξένε.
ΟΡ: τέθνηχ’ ὁ τλήμων, πρὸς δ’ ἀπώλεσέν τινα.
ΙΦ. τέθνηκε; ποίᾳ συμφορᾷ; τάλαιν’ ἐγώ.
ΟΡ: τί δ’ ἐστέναξας τοῦτο; μῶν προσῆκέ σοι;
ΙΦ. τὸν ὄλβον αὐτοῦ τὸν πάροιθ’ ἀναστένω.
ΟΡ: δεινῶς γὰρ ἐκ γυναικὸς οἴχεται σφαγείς.
ΙΦ. ὦ πανδάκρυτος ἡ κτανοῦσα χὠ θανών.
10 ΟΡ: παῦσαί νυν ἤδη μηδ’ ἐρωτήσῃς πέρα.
ΙΦ. τοσόνδε γ’, εἰ ζῇ τοῦ ταλαιπώρου δάμαρ.
ΟΡ: οὐκ ἔστι· παῖς νιν, ὃν ἔτεχ’, οὗτος ὤλεσεν.
ΙΦ. ὦ συνταραχθεὶς οἶκος. ὡς τί δὴ θέλων;
ΟΡ: πατρὸς θανόντος τήνδε τιμωρούμενος.
ΙΦ. φεῦ·
ὡς εὖ κακὸν δίκαιον ἐξεπράξατο .


Iphigenia: What about the general, who they say is happy?
Orestes: I don’t know; go away from this subject, lady!
I: No, by the gods, but tell me, stranger, so that I may be made happy!
O: The wretched man has died, and in addition he destroyed someone.
I: He has died? By what sort of disaster? I am wretched.
O: Why did you groan at this? Surely he is not related to you?
I: I grieve for his former prosperity.
O: Yes, for he has gone, slaughtered terribly by a woman
I: O most pitiable the killer and the man killed!
O: Stop right now and do not ask further!
I: Only this much, if the wife of the wretched man is alive.
O: She is not: the son whom she bore, he killed her.
I: O house thrown into confusion, what did he want to achieve?
O: Because his father had been killed, he was taking vengeance on her.
I: Alas!
How well he accomplished an evil justice!

Iphigenia among the Taurians lines 543–59 (with omissions)