GCSE Latin: Indirect Questions

Indirect Questions

Formula: question word + imperfect or pluperfect subjunctive
Example: non sciebam quid frater fecisset.
I did not know what my brother had done.

There are 12 question words for GCSE:

quid* what
quis* who
quomodo how
quando when
quantus** how big, great
qualis*** what sort, kind
quot how many
quo to where
ubi where
unde from where
num whether, if
cur why

*quis, quid decline very much like qui, quae, quod

*quantus declines like bonus-a-um

***qualis declines like fortis-e

Practice exercises

  1. puellae non sciebant quando domum redire deberent.

    The girls did not know when they ought to return home.

  2. non audieramus quid rex constituisset.

    We had not heard what the king had decided.

  3. regina ab aula videre non poterat quantus mons esset.

    The queen was unable to see from the palace how big the mountain was.

  4. nesciebam num vera diceret.

    I did not know if she was speaking the truth.

  5. consul legato dixit ubi feminae liberique essent.

    The consul told the legate where the women and children were.

  6. dux cognoscere conabatur quot hostes essent.

    The leader was trying to find out how many enemies there were.

  7. nemo intellegere videbatur cur agricola navem emisset.

    No one seemed to understand why the farmer had bought a ship.

  8. custos me rogavit quis essem undeque venissem.

    The guard asked me who I was and where I had come from.

  9. brevi tempore cognovimus quales cives illa in urbe habitarent.

    We soon found out what kind of citizens were living in that city.

  10. uxores mirabantur quomodo mariti tam facile nocte effugissent.

    The wives were amazed at how their husbands had escaped so easily in the night.

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