GCSE Latin: Indirect Commands

Indirect Commands

Formula: verb of persuasion or instruction + ut + imperfect subjunctive
Example: senex militibus imperavit ut feminas traderent.
The old man ordered the soldiers to hand over the women.

These verbs often introduce indirect commands:

rogo I ask
persuadeo I persuade
hortor I urge
impero I order
oro I beg
moneo I warn
invito I invite

A negative indirect command uses ne

e.g. frater me monuit ne in flumine inirem.

My brother warned me not to enter the river.

The verb iubeo uses an infinitive verb instead.

e.g. femina maritum discedere iussit.

The woman told her husband to leave.

Practice exercises

  1. te oravi ne eos vulnerares.

    I begged you not to wound them.

  2. eum rogavi ut per vias me sequeretur.

    I asked him to follow me through the streets.

  3. rex principes invitavit ut ad aulam suam venirent.

    The king invited the chieftains to come to his palace.

  4. dux militibus imperavit ne in proelium intrarent.

    The general ordered the soldiers not to enter battle.

  5. feminae monitae sunt ne domos suas relinquerent.

    The women were warned not to abandon their homes.

  6. nonne pueros monuisti ne prope mare irent?

    Surely you warned the boys not to go near the sea?

  7. imperator suos hortatus erat ut in eodem loco manerent.

    The general had urged his men to stay in the same place.

  8. te iussi illum pecuniam rogare.

    I ordered you to ask him for money.

  9. a liberis rogabamur ut libros sibi legeremus.

    We were asked by the children to read books to them.

  10. senex nautas monuit ut per tempestatem ad insulam perveniendam navigarent.

    The old man warned the sailors to sail though the storm to reach the island.

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