Tuition for Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation

If you are looking for personalised tuition for Classical subjects, please send an email to [email protected].


“G made it to Westminster!!! We are so pleased. Thank you so much for guiding him these past months.”

Ms L, Chelsea (CE Latin Level 3)


“I would not have even been close to an A* had it not been for our sessions from which I learnt a great deal. Thanks to all your hard work and very good teaching I was able to do so well!”

Mr B, Dorset (GCSE Latin)


“We really could not be more grateful for all the help you have given to A! He got 99% up from 51%!!”

Ms A, SW1 (CE Latin Level 1)


“We owe you a big thank you!! L aced it and got an A for her Latin. We are absolutely thrilled. You have instilled a love for Latin in L that is truly fantastic!!”

Ms J, SW18 (CE Latin Level 2)


“Thank you so much for teaching J! He really enjoyed it and is over the moon about his exam result!”

Ms E, SW1 (GCSE Classical Civilisation)


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching N. Classical Civilisation was his best result by far. And guess what? He has changed his application to do Classical Studies at university!!!”

Ms P, South Kensington (A Level Classical Civilisation)


“I must tell you that L got an A Star in Latin and a special certificate for the best result out of all the other boys!!! Amazing result !!! Thank you so so much for all your kind effort.”

Ms S, WC1 (CE Latin Level 2)


“I just wanted to tell you that R passed his exam with flying colours. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Ms C, SW4 (Winchester Scholarship)


“N scored the highest result in the whole of Hong Kong and will be presented with a certificate from the board.”

Ms C, HK (Latin IGCSE)