Y13 Latin

Annals IV: student resources

Title Author Type Year Filesize (MB)
The Annals of Tacitus (prescribed section) Furneaux commentary 1896 3.8
*Annals IV (prescribed section) Martin & Woodman commentary 1990 3.2
*Tacitus: The Annals (Book IV) M. Grant translation 2003 6.4
The Wife of Sejanus J. Bellemore article 1995 1.8
isdem artibus victus est D.Wiesen article 1970 0.3
Sejanus. Whose conspiracy? A. Boddington article 1963 1.7

Class schedule

Date Day Classwork Assignment
26th Apr Tue Practice Mock
3rd May Tue TBC
10th May Tue TBC
17th May Tue TBC (Last lesson)